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  1. On a slightly different tack considering how many images have been taken of certain people while in the process of taking someone else's property it would be good to be able to build a picture gallery for future identification. There must be a considerable number of images available. what the legalities are for doing this I am not sure, but what a rouges gallery that would make. just a thought.
  2. john

    Sugi Hara

    Thank you Graham.
  3. john

    Sugi Hara

    Thank you for all the replies, I have not had a bar with a lump out of it before , had worn bars through general wear and tear. This just seemed unusual as the bar had a new chain when fitted and has not been used on the ground or dropped. The discolouration is only due to sap and will clean off fairly easy. Rob d thank you for your kind offer, I shall take it back to the original supplier for their inspection .
  4. john

    Sugi Hara

    Found this had happened today, have been using this 14'' inch bar on my 200t for under a year and I have found it to very good up until this afternoon. So I have refitted my old Stihl bar. [/ATTACH]
  5. Glad the station is going to re open , we have lost to many over recent years.
  6. just cant help myself I have to look , trees obviously.
  7. Handy vehicle in the right place and as you say good for advertisement. Like it very much.
  8. Just looked at those photographs, unbelievable.
  9. eyelashes no, like the look of that Dean, can I ask what make the vehicle is.
  10. Marcus Postumius Verus Mark with a postumus verse.
  11. It appears that you got a lot more snow than us, you must live in a badly affected area.
  12. Have not seen one of those for years, we had one on the farm for carrying wood and feed just reminded me of it seeing that picture.
  13. Prefere to repair when ever possible, otherwise and old friend of mine will carry out mechanical repairs for me when I'm pushed.
  14. Thank you Steve and everyone concerned, had a great evening watching the results in the lounge.


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