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  1. Hi David sorry for the typo, meant to say the pics 'aren't' as good as yours! I unfortunately didn't get pics of local context but as explained in previous reply this tree was in a fairly prominent location. The cemetery in question is a fairly busy one and the tree was located at a well used section of the site. Also has a small outbuilding right next to it (toilets) although probably not as well frequented as those in your neck of the woods my most technical instrument of detection is my hammer which I used and as expected could not find anything to raise concern. Most thing to note was the very small FFB, nearly missed it, unfortunately didn't get a pic of it though...I clearly wasn't paying enough attention whilst at Golders
  2. no option with structural testing, I work at a local authority.... I had to make an informed guess, given the target of a cemetery and commercial premises I erred on the side of caution. there's obviously plenty of sound wood but my opinion is that the decay would only have increased and without access to costly decay detection equipment or a crystal ball I had to unfortunately go for the fell. I personally feel it was the right decision given the above factors but I'm confident there'll be an opposing opinion lurking about the forum
  3. Coincidentally just had to fell a mature Sycamore that had a very small amount of Kretzs at the base. Decent enough canopy but target prompted the removal just to be on the safe side. Pics show how deceiving such a small amount of the FFB of this one can be. The pseudoscaratial plate pics are as impressive as David's but clearly visible all the same:
  4. Still have trouble identifying a holly 😜
  5. I’d forgotten how ubiquitous you were with that camera....I learnt loads fungi related but the old grey matter starting to leak a little now 🤕. Does larger format mean more info or just a bigger book?
  6. thanks David, had a look through the AA fungi book and doesn't appear to mention perenniporia being at height hence my assumption. don't think i'll be able to get a clearer picture of the flesh, is almost like dust now, it's that dessicated! if tree is retained might hopefully get a new fruiting body later this year to help make a more definitive ID, cheers
  7. Considered that but thought that was only ever at the base?
  8. any help with this one would be much appreciated! found on a co-dom ash stem at around 4m. appears like it's been there for some time given the amount of moss on it and how hard/brittle it is. My amateurish guess is Rigidoporus but not sure if this appears on Ash at height?
  9. That’ll be me off the TO xmas card list now I suppose!
  10. Didn't see any polypore, was only a quick walk through though. Back in LA world again so have a bit more time now to peruse at a more leisurely pace, will be posting more stuff soon I'm sure. Some nice big trees in my area, already found a few Kretz trees and it's only day 4!
  11. Thought I'd share these, found this morning in a small public woodland.
  12. cheers for all the advise! as Mr Humphries has pointed out, looks like the missus is gonna have to allow this one to remain inside the house!
  13. I've used Arborisk in the past who seemed good. Just recently switched to Hiscox as their PI was more competetive
  14. I have had a slab of sycamore seasoning for around 10 years in my shed and now finally got around to wanting to do something with it. I want to use it as an all weather outdoor garden table but am unsure on the best treatment to use? I'd like to keep the natural colour of the wood so simply want to keep it protected from the elements, someone i know who does wood turning suggested boiled linseed oil as opposed to raw, any thoughts or other ideas please?? thanks Nick
  15. thanks for all the replies, looks like a weeping ash it is then. I'd not seen a young one before, every day a school day i guess!


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