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  1. I have an old entec TW. Does the job but at a moderate pace. Bought a new Jensen and in 50 hours the chassis vibrated apart continually , throttle backed off in use requiring me to swap the twig holding the TW throttle open and use it for the new Jensen . Redwood convinced me of the modifications to counter this prior to sale then bought the chipper back off me. TW still in use-twig back in rightful place.

    death by dog

    Thats why they need their dogs. Imagine being so unpopular that you find solace in a vicious worthless breed. Sorry love, didn't mean you this time.
  3. Forewarned is forearmed and we aint talking bout Vishnu.
  4. Thanks Paul. I chased it up because the next tree may have squashed someone. The 4k is a small but welcome drop in the ocean though. Procurement is a great idea. Its not a very good net for catching duff landscapers though and ISO looks meaningless if you can hide the truth.
  5. As the main contributor I feel responsible for that. Try reading one about a shiny bit of kit and have ur say there.
  6. Large companies win lots of contracts and sub out work often in preference to employing staff. Its an easy way to skim profit with less responsibility. They have a paper trail and code of practice so they can nail you to the wall if something goes wrong washing their hands of any guilt - because they can prove it was your fault - because you werent doing what you should even though they gave you no back up timely training etc. ad infinitum. As stated by BOLT you best have a good solicitor. Its the way of the world in broken english, hindustan and increasingly chinese dialects. It makes no sense to me to support that. It will never benefit trees which many on arbtalk profess to be interested and concerned about. Are we moving forward in Arb? Or are we moving forward in business?
  7. I got screwed by the contractor - who's ignorance is legend. I set up a team to work for them they screwed me on money and ignored every appeal for training . The paper trail is pretty long but one things for sure -they have a lot of work and no decent staff to carry it out. Modern Arboriculture - whats that Mr Shigo? Big business money money - see front page of independant today for a treat from the bankers Code of practice - how we laughed A duff career is no career at all - look out private market I 'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Rupe your a Gem. My Utility career is over - now to get on with the book!
  9. I've contracted to a local landscape firm for several years. One of their contracts is for a hospital hereabouts and we do the tree bit - survey and cutting. After doing a survey 18months ago a car was squashed by a beech limb. £30000 . Luckily it was one I hadn't missed off the survey ! and it was down to be reduced but blah blah budgets blah. Also the extensively Ivy covered trees have turned up Ustulina etc etc thus rendering most of the original survey out of date now we have removed it. The landscaper was told 18months ago to do it ; didn't and then wanted another 10-12 months to do it after I badgered him (poor badger). Cut long story short- Circumvent landscaper, approach hospital chief executives office direct, deal with issue head on, win extra 4k of required works. We don't work for the landscaper anymore but I did what was right at the expense of this tawdry relationship so even though we are about to go bust (not dead) the moral is - if you believe it stick up for it. I'd rather not work than do rubbish for idiots. N'est pas? I should probably let Iso 9001/14001 know about his lack of a papertrail and the woodchip/waste piles all over the tree roots just for fun. They've only just been awarded it so it shouldnt be too difficult to to part with.
  10. Sorry to be secretive but I was sussed - fair cop best stand up. I will de-guise for your perusal. Yes I own my own company (see left) I survey for a national company under sub contract to feed my fully qualified and EMPLOYED team with work. It was my staff - that incident was mentioned to get a response and was the best way I could think of whilst not mentioning who I really am. Paul Elcoat once advised me not to sign in on here as myself - Hi Paul I don't like your advice or rates. we have not been supervised by our Contract manager at all. we ran ourselves pretty much. He (amongst others) didn't seem to know much of what was going on from day to day and never responded to my requests for training so I approached WPD myself. I'm announcing on a public forum that I will be seeking legal action as my business has now gone to the wall due to many incidences of negligence and wilful ignorance IMO. Also I'm bored with Arboriculture and want to get back to Tree Surgery. I cant give all the facts on here as Steve will drop the thread but pm me if you like with id of course and we can be unpopular for the right reasons. Billy no mates aka Booka T (and the MGs) aka Paul : )
  11. No Marcus, the challenge is for you to do you business in a moral and upright way. Your training was awful, expensive and I still don't have my refund (although I notice from other threads on other world wide sites some of those you owed thousands to have been recompensed). Mr Cowan, I contacted you regarding 'decent' TI training some time ago and you did not respond at all. Scared of being challenged or is what you are offering the same as Marcus? Quite a few people probably owe me some gratitude for putting myself on the line over this issue. I was interested in TI to protect trees and as I manage increasingly more of them I was rather hoping TI was the answer.
  12. 80ft on some 60 to 70 on others. Medium trees I reckon but I have just done 3 of the the biggest beech dismantles of my life so may be underestimating! They were pretty much all fellable though. Local TO was there but so was I with a knowledgable chum. They had a limited life span it was true so not worth sticking his neck out on maybe. I personally have seen worse. The big one that fell was clearly not good condition.
  13. Not guilty on the felling (back cuts 4 " higher than dip so must have been a farmer/oldskool boy). Just a sad case of bad tree management, bad post accident analysis of remaining tree stock and the guilty pleasure of a recent few site visits that they didnt ask for !
  14. These beech have all been FELLED. None were anywhere near 100ft tall. Perhaps 1 or 2 NEEDED to be cut down. The tree that crushed the cars was absolutely rotten through with Ganoderma add/app and honey fungus. At 5m the stem rot was virtually complete. Root plate and buttress were powder and cornflakes. No inspection was carried out on the trees hence the accident. Perhaps if theyd taken me up on my offer last year they could be suing me rather than being sued themselves .....ho hum ; ) BTW they still missed the rotten Ustulina'd tree that I spotted from 50 yds away so perhaps there will be another story next year.


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