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  1. Hi, Just a guess, but is the firm after a copy of your risk assesment ? Paul
  2. If your after a book that has a good splattering of the theoretical stuff try 'Trees - their use, management, cultivation and biology' by Bob Watson. Its expensive, but well written.
  3. Nice to hear a good news story. I bet there's not many industries that this could happen in (or have a forum like arbtalk).
  4. Hi, Heres a link to the latest manual. http://weborder.husqvarna.com/order_static/doc/HOEN/HOEN2007/HOEN2007_1150883-26.pdf. I don't know if thats of use. all the best Paul
  5. Must be a hell of a back garden. I wonder if their gardener has to pay to cut the grass.
  6. Following on from MesterH's Yellow Pages thread, just wondering what everyone finds as the most effective form of advertising at the moment.
  7. My Rangers got a Mountain Top which fits on top of the plastic load liner that goes up the sides and over the top lip. I think if the liner is sprayed on evenly it should be a similar mounting surface. The tops got a rubber seal around it (similar to a door seal) which 'allows' for any imperfections in the liner. The only problem I've got is that it leaks when there is heavy rain (or recently snow) around the hinge area that does not have a seal on it. Hop this informations of use. Paul
  8. Hi The arb association have a generic method statement which is quite easy to adapt on their website :http://www.trees.org.uk/downloads/2008_Generic_Method_statement.doc As Nugsy says the risk assesment is quite easy to write using a spreadsheet or word processor and the information on the relevant AFAG leafletv for guidance. all the best Paul
  9. Blimey, the A Team would have been proud of you !
  10. Snow in Chesterfield. Trying to find if Derby College is open. I'm sure I can make it in my Ranger, but will be miffed if I get there and it's closed. (Being a tight northerner I don't like wasteing diesel).
  11. Have been looking for a cheap Stump Grinder as a first machine and have seen a Vermeer SC130 for sale. I was wondering if anybody has used this machine and if it is any good compaired to similar budget machines such as the Rayco and the Husky equivalents. Also what the availability of replacement teeth from the likes of Saturn etc is like. thanks for your advice Paul
  12. I would have done excatly the same Dean. People don't seem to get the concept of essential journeys. Used to hack me off when I worked up the Snake Pass, the number of people who would drive up passed the Road Closed barriers just to have a look at the snow and get in the way of people who were trying to work. Wouldn't surprise me if your dog walkers next port of call was a spot of panic buying. Tends to be people who have to much time on there hands who engage in these activities.
  13. Just out of interest, what's the going rate for stump grinding ?
  14. This page is quite good too: http://gardens.co.nz/Articles.cfm?NLID=127 all the best Paul
  15. Gregsie

    Hedge Laying

    Thanks for the info everyone.


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