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  1. What is Dre? At this point I don't know what to think. Character assassination? Seems like you do that to yourself, attacking someone that can't defend himself is the sign of a bully, which is a true sign of a weak individual, a reject who in not accepted. Wedgebanger sent me a rather informative massages, with some interesting links. I am grateful for the information, seems we have many saw porters to avoid.
  2. So sorry friend if I offended. Are you this Fabz? As you seem be defending him as if you were him?
  3. Fabz? Don't know, but about everyone I've contacted about this sid he was mentally ill and had dozens of different usernames all over the place. Said he was full of it was always bragging, but had nothing to back it up other than bad videos. Anyway for a guy to get that type of reputation I'll just keep away. Is Terry Landrum a good modder? Ironhorse chainsaws? Hotsaws101? The modder in Ohio said he has been ill and isn't a saw modder now. Sorry I'm new to this, signed to this sight years ago, but only lurked.
  4. Sorry if I offended you. No need to be so aggressive, I find that is often a sign of a fragile ego. I also saw some of the saws they had at the race event on YouTube, they were running on alcohol and Nitro, crazy! never knew things like that even existed. So do you have any builder recomdations? I'll be in Vancouver British Columbia in a few weeks, I know some guys are in that area.
  5. I was looking to get my new Stihl MS462 ported and that first gentleman was highly recommended buy some guys that ran his saws at a racing chainsaw event. They all said stay clear of the guy in the video you posted, said he was mentally not right in the head and got into some trouble or something with a bunch of people. Which builder to you recommend? I travel all over the country so it really doesn't matter to me where they are located.
  6. ? Square ground chain in the first video, and what looks to be black walnut in the second video. The saw in the video you posted sounds like OK, but not quite like the others. I've seen that guy on YouTube before he looks like he's not dealing with a full deck of cards if you know what I mean. The gentleman in the first video Ports saws for professional loggers all over the world, logger Wade on YouTube sure likes his saws, that's how I found him.
  7. The 261 takes to porting very well.
  8. Are you running the saw in warm temperatures? If so you're likely experiencing a common issue with this series of saws. What's happening is the carburetor is getting too hot and the fuel is turning to vapor. When this occurs the you will not be able to start the saw, as the carburetor can't get any fuel, often the primer even stops working. I'm also curious of the saws manufacturing date? The 550 has gone through a plethora of updates over the years, including the use of four different carburetors.


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