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  1. Is the belt from the engine ok or tensioned when you let go of the clutch ?
  2. Listen close to the forward / reverse paddles & check there’s a click each way of the paddle micro switch, they sometimes stick .
  3. QRMS Ltd are doing 150 & 190 blades & are very good value (less than half rotatech price) I had a couple of sets through my 150 before I upgraded with no issues, there getting 230’s in soon.
  4. John mason had all the bits in stock for my old 150 when I rebuilt the rollers might be worth a call on Monday, how are you surviving without that subway on site ?👍
  5. ObjectPath=/Shops/BT4011/Products/"Top+shed+132."&Locale=en_GB Maybe a bit temporary butyou could use a smaller Jerry can
  6. Got a 5 T Warn on my Cast loader, I Mounted it on a plate & just close the pallet forks to lock it in place, it’s pulled some big trees over & the forks make a good anchor
  7. You must have a bad one or I must have a very good one, the starting is one of its best points up a tree 2nd pull or never more than 3 & it’s away, you do prime it don’t you ?
  8. What bits do you need Mike ?
  9. Got a mag drill Mike, if you need one just pop round .
  10. I used one on a 8100, after the pto was engaged I think I used to use the spool for either forward or reverse it was very powerful & could push the tractor forward with all the wheels locked up , I think some of the components were off a Ford Cargo. you had to be careful after coming off road & using to drive trailer that the pto / coupling had been disabled by shunting back & forward a bit of moving to spool otherwise the shaft would match the speed of the tractor & shear the shaft off, the crane was a Grafter but a few had Botex fitted & you had to be careful because of no legs were fitted so until you got a few big lumps on it was very tippy .
  11. If you’ve been affected at all & are thinking of applying you can always put the money to one side/ separate account, if your worried about it.
  12. Chancellor's statement on coronavirus (COVID-19): 26 March 2020 - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK The Chancellor Rishi Sunak today announced the next economic steps to help...
  13. No not mine, my little loader would easily fit into the bucket of a Doosan loader which the lad has who owns the screens !
  14. I’ve had one for a couple of years now & it’s been a great help, I think the newer ones have a different headstock & auxiliary pipes that are easier to use which is a good thing, front mud guards are all metal & Yanmar motor, just glad Spectrum plant have taken them on because dealer backup was limited before
  15. I opted for one of thiese & it does all I ask of it, it rolls brash up nicely & will lift logs well, I went for the single ram to keep weight down, think it was around £900 & but I had my own brackets made . http://www.attachments4loaders.co.uk/index.php/2/
  16. I bought some from this place a few years ago. http://www.frankgamwell.com/order-blades/4540102203
  17. We've been using a loader to take fences down this week. After the wire was cut, the loader pulled it out. We just slowly nudged into the posts half way up then we could easily pull the post out by hand. If you are on your own I'd say a 4 in 1 bucket would be good & a useful thing to have if you haven't got one.
  18. Wasn't your guys on the ground who put the winch rope through the chipper was it ? Up in Aukland 2 nd one in a week !
  19. I had the same problem with mine it was a small plastic clip with 2 lugs on that had snapped off in side the shaft which is slightly oval making it very hard to pull, I got so far in but when the motor or switch had to be taken off I thought, hang on what am I doing this for ! So I put it back together & took it to the dealer who sorted it for me under warranty.
  20. I just got a Stel 221p mig after my old arc packed in,I got an extra gun with a Teflon liner and Argon & after a bit of playing about with a bit of Ali it seems good, trailer sides are the first project. First pic is single pulse 2nd is on double pulse .
  21. Yes & swap the bucket for the pallet forks.
  22. Made this to bag chip into & a friend uses it to bag wagon loads of top soil into bags for his turfing jobs.
  23. This one maybe ? Antonio Carraro Trx8400 | eBay
  24. Made out of 12 mm ali & can be used as a inline winch too


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