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  1. Chipper help Jensen T530A anti stress issue

    Check hydraulic fluid level.
  2. blue sheen on tarmac after woodchipper used

    From the tree, common on Horse chestnut in the wet!
  3. Chimney sweeps in Hampshire?

    Darren @ http://chimclear.co.uk
  4. Costa Coffe et al is weak milky rubbish right?

    LSD what machine is that?
  5. Paleo diet

  6. Hampshire Constabulary - Appeal after chainsaws stolen from Alton business Silver Subaru Forester yet again strikes!
  7. Stolen equipment in Gloucestershire

    4 days after they struck, they came back!
  8. Stolen equipment in Gloucestershire

    Sounds like the same group that carried out several raids across Southern Hampshire as well last month that have moved on. Every one in the area needs to be on full alert as they will strike again there was also reports of them trying the same lock up twice in a week! The police don't seem to care!
  9. removing ivy?? Wear A Mask!!

    Do you smoke or did you?
  10. Design software for IPad 2

    Try "Skitch" it might be what you are after? it was free. What do you want to add?
  11. Green Waste Site Salisbury

    Thank you
  12. Green Waste Site Salisbury

    Looking for a tip site NE of Salisbury area. Approximately 4 loads of Leylandii chip (24 cubic metres ish). Willing to pay Thanks Nick
  13. Jack knifed at 50!

    what were you towing with?
  14. Tree Austria Duo 2: Anyone?

    I have The austria duo 2 and i rate it, if set up right it is very comfy. I have had it for three years now and it is just starting to show signs of wear.


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