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    Poplar wood

    I just got a friend request, which surprised me as I haven't logged in since 2011, I guess it was for Catweazel. Mods, feel free to rename me if it saves confusion.
  2. I have a Dunsley Yorkshire multi-fuel with backboiler. I'm pleased with the heat output - maximum 17kw - and it has a thermostat which opens and closes the air supply to regulate it. It works well, no complaints on heat from 7 radiators and a 170 litre water tank in a reasonable sized semi. One downside, when the top air vents are closed and it is running on thermostat control the glass smokes up overnight, and of course you can't clean it in the morning because the stove is still burning. If you chuck some wood in and open it right up some, but not all, of the glass burns clear.
  3. I have used these people; LPL Commercial Investigations - Home for many late payers. So far they've got 100% payment. I wouldn't set them onto a valued customer who was having staff or cashflow problems, but for the chancers ( sometimes big corporations ) who take the mickey they are great.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking anyone, I respect a man who recognises the need for a specialist and calls him in. That's professional . A lesser man might have attempted it and we'd have been watching a video of a shed being demolished. I'll add that my opinion carries little weight, I only fell trees in woodlands, so if one tree takes down another one I've saved some petrol .
  5. It tells me that Roger is no fool too.
  6. Have you tried Inwood Developments ? Inwood Developments Ltd - Contact Us
  7. I hate it when that happens, nothing winds me up more than having to empty diamonds out of the ash pan.
  8. I ride a 2002 Aprilia Mille, it's a bit of a beast, especially since I changed the sprockets for one tooth smaller on the front and two extra on the back. It looks like this, but dirtier.
  9. I might be interested, depending on size and cost.
  10. I have had tennis elbow, both sides. It was started by handling a lot of split lengths, lifting them palm down to stack. I found I couldn't lift a tin of beans palm down but could lift as normal palm up. I started to lift things differently and the problem has almost gone now.
  11. Has anyone else tried putting a little two-stroke oil on their file ?
  12. It looks as if the piston has overheated by the exhaust port, causing the alloy to smear over the piston ring groove and lock the ring in the slot. The blow past the locked ring just makes things worse. Pistons lose a lot of heat into the barrel, less barrel ( because of the port ) means less heat transferred. Lean mixture is a common cause, caused by a leak in the intake side, holed filter, failed crank seals, too much oil in the mixture or a mismatched exhaust.
  13. That wasn't testosterone, it was burnt rabbit
  14. How about this. If your man is looking for a good deal on removing the poplar make it part of a larger deal that includes the ash and oak over the next few years. Explain that there is a lot of work and little return on the poplar, but that you are prepared to swallow it as part of a larger job.
  15. That's the easy bit, it's the back-flip to cast that will need practice.


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