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  1. Looking to fill a couple of spare days a week. Have CS30,31, 32, 38, woodchippers, first aid +f, b+e trailer license, will be doing 39 in May. Used to using a variety of equipment including tracked stump grinders and mewps. Based Hampshire/Berkshire border but happy to travel. Can travel to North East for 2 or more days at a time. Thanks, Thea. 07703836333
  2. Self-employed groundie based near Ascot but own transport so can travel. I have CS30/31, CS32, CS38, Woodchipper cert, PA1&6, First Aid cert and B+E trailer licence. Looking to fill a couple of spare days a week. If you need an extra pair of hands I look forward to hearing from you. Thea. 07703836333 theadora.green@gmail.com
  3. My folks recently visited the Jardine de Conception near Malaga for their 43rd wedding anniversary (43yrs!!! Think they both deserve a medal lol!) and found this:
  4. Thea


  5. Thanks for the suggestions, a few ideas I'd not thought of there. How well do adwords work? I was looking at that the other day but wondered if it was possible for an idiot to keep clicking on it and rack you up a massive bill?! Or does it register repeat clicks from the same ip address as one click? Bob - both! Though I've found with commercial it tends to be who you know more than anything but if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. I'd like to put together a promotional pack or prospectus for commercial clients, can anyone recommend someone or a company or a printers that does such things?
  6. Hi guys, what have you all found to be the best methods of promoting your business? I'm trying to find the most cost effective way of reaching the most potential customers. Seems it's easy to get duped into signing up for things that promise the earth only to find they take your money but don't deliver! Thanks, Thea.
  7. Thea

    Work Sledges

    I need to make a work sledge for my pony for moving tools and equipment and looking for a bit of inspiration... So if you have made one please share pics! What materials did you use, how big, what is good about it, if you were to make it again would you change anything? etc. Ta very much!
  8. Order arived today, excellent service, thank you very much! Just wondering though I still have some 2-stroke and petrol mixed ready but its now 11 months old. Will it be ok to use in my new saw or could it have gone off? I keep getting conflicting opinions on whether fuel can go off or not
  9. Hello there thea how are you doing? what you up to know?

  10. £50?!! Wow, thats a lot. I did get the choice of a complete single piece sole that would have to be ordered in and would take about 2 weeks for £30 or separate front, middle and heel pieces cut to the right shape and then glued on to look like one piece for £15 and only took a couple of days. I went for the quick cheap option so I'll just have to see how long it lasts. If I get 6 months out of it i'll be happy, if not then I'll go for the more expensive one next time.
  11. Haix Trekker Mountains for me. Just had a new sole put on (£15 - nothing compared to the cost of a whole new pair of boots!!) as after over a years continuous use the sole was nearly bald and about ready to peal off but the uppers are still almost like new apart from surface scuffs. Were a bit stiff when new but now are like a favourite pair of slippers while still being supportive. Previous pair were Fellsman Experts but they were worn out and falling to bits after only 7 months.
  12. Thea

    Street trees

    Not wanting to be defeated by a mere mushroom I had another go at it today, this time though my camera seemed to get the better of me so sorry for the slight lack of focus
  13. Only just seen this, I've been away. Sorry to hear about it Dave, really unfortunate thing to happen. Glad to hear though that some of it is healing, long may that continue! Sincerely hope you have a full recovery. Glad to hear you are in good spirits too as that can really help the healing. Wishing you all the best
  14. Thea

    Street trees

    Heya sorry for not getting back to this sooner, have been in South Africa for a month! Tried to get a vertical slice but without much success I'm afraid as its a bit awkward to get to, the saw just kinda chewed it up and the base of it seems to burried in the ground. It just really wasn't having any of it but the result is below anyway. Also on the next tree along the road, which is also looking a bit sparse in the crown, a different fungi has reared its little heads:


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