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  1. Climber - East Yorkshire

    Bump This might suit someone part-time looking for 2-3 days a week or a Block week per month. On the books or Self-Employed. Email for details info@eastridingarborists.co.uk
  2. Climber - East Yorkshire

  3. Climber - East Yorkshire

    We are looking to recruit a Climber. The ideal candidate will be polite, have relevant qualifications, a full driving licence preferably with B+E Trailer entitlement, a high standard of work, good communication skills, be flexible in their approach to tasks and work well as part of a team. PAYE on the books, holidays, pension, further training, etc. Mon - Fri job. Remuneration and package to be discussed and will be based on qualifications, experience and ability. Position will be from Summer 2017. Good long term opportunity to work in a skilled, good humoured team. We are a well regarded, well equipped small business with a 25+ years client list. Good mix of high-end domestics, local authority, commercial, and estate work, plus the usual bread and butter stuff! Plenty of technical dismantles and proper reductions - No gardening, grass cutting, fencing or landscaping! No rail or line clearance. We would prefer someone with plenty of experience. However, if you have some experience, some aptitude, and a can-do attitude and are looking to further your career we'd be pleased to hear from you. We are based in a rural area, so you will need to be able to drive to get to work. Send your CV and a covering email to info@eastridingarborists.co.uk Don't ring me, don't text me, don't PM me on here. Suitable candidates will be invited to interview and asked to attend paid trial days to demonstrate their ability. Subbies: We do need additional climbers from time to time in busy periods or to cover holidays, etc. so get in touch if you're interested and available.
  4. The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    Having a HCPU body does not mean it is 3500kg gross weight. Most are not. Look at the VIN plate under the bonnet. It will say 3050kg or 3500kg.
  5. Chain oil on block drive

    Just pour neat fairy liquid on and leave it. Don't scrub it. It will all vanish next time it rains. If you scrub it with a brush, you will clean the blocks too and they will stand out against all the other un-scrubbed ones.
  6. A day in the life

    Enjoyed watching that.
  7. Looking for a 4x4

    Does the Defender need to be a double cab or would a single cab pick up suit you?
  8. Narrow grinder

    He probably wants to remain anonymous. I wouldn't want my name putting to any pictures of someone taking a Bandit up the back passage.
  9. Scots Pine phone line

    Nice smooth rigging there. Liked the tree in reflection.
  10. great saddnes

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Keep strong for your sister in law. I lost a good mate in a bike accident. RIP.
  11. Rigging line out of reach

    If the climber keeps a line with them up the tree with a pulley clipped on the end onto the lowering rope, it can just stay on all the time without interfering with the rigging and the climber can use it to retrieve the lowering line back to them. If there's no great weight to the pieces being lowered, it can also act as a floating pulley to fine tune where you want things to land also.
  12. Homelite Helper Winch help.

    Chris, try Malcolm Gill in Driffield. He might have an old Homelite under the bench somewhere.
  13. Clearing windblown Lawson Cypress from house

    Nicely done! I would have done similar, but from a mewp, to save getting bounced around on a rope. Supported the heavy timber at both ends from the nearest trees, making adjustments to support ropes as required as weight is removed from the top. If that's a chipper or truck wheel above the plastic oil tank in one of the pics, then there would be sufficient access for a tracked machine.
  14. which truck & trailer?

  15. STEIN Push-Talk-Listen Communication System

    We don't use them every day, but we are pleased with ours Ian. You only need a handful of the right sort of jobs and they will pay for themselves. Having used both these and Arborcoms, we found PTT radio headsets more useful for our needs. The main thing being that you can add as many radios as you like depending on how many people need to be in communication on site. We have 3 headsets and 2 pairs of radios, which is usually plenty. If needed, I have several cheap 2-ways we use for shoot days that can be added in as well. Just have to remember to charge them up the night before you want them .....


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