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  1. Cooking with a potjie pot

    My potjie is about 25 years old, I bought it when I was in SA. I used it a lot before but now it sits in my garden shed. Redaing this thread makes me remember the great african evenings sitting under the stars with potjie http://www.potjies.com/shop/ You can get them over here now
  2. chainsaw trousers

    We'd be only too pleased to do this if tokaloch would like to reveal his secret identity and be clear about what he is trying to say about the arblite trousers. if you study tokaloch posts you'll see that they always promote the products in the SIP/Haix/Samson etc stable and knock anyone elses products given the chance! __________________ I', not sure whta you are trying to say, but I am entitled to my opinion and anonymity the same as everyone else on this forum. After looking at your past posts it is clear that you are only here to promote your company. BUT, if you dont want to answer my simple question and doubts then perhaps you have something to hide
  3. non invasive bracing options

    I always used Cobra in the past, but have recently changed to Boa as its far simpler to instal. Lothar Wessoly as mentioned above invented Cobra but now owns Boa. The other thing I like about Boa is if you have doubts you can e-mail them pics of your tree and they will give you advice. the other thing I like about Boa over all other systems is it is the only one with a 12 year wokring life against the others 8 years
  4. chainsaw trousers

    I looked at the Arblite trousers at the APF although I am no expert I thought the coverage around the crotch was not as much as other brands, perhaps Sevsafe would like to comment
  5. Celox

    If you raed the web site mentioned in previous posts it has a 100% survival rate in battlefield conditions
  6. chainsaw sharpening tips

    I only use Vallorbe, they are the only files manufactured in Switzerland and cost the same as others coming from all over the place. I use with their file guide and sharpen very regularly but thats cos Im lazy and want the saw to do the work not me )
  7. Celox

    I just got delivery of mine, I goy 1 for each guy and 3 spare for the big first aid kit, It says it has a 3 year shelf life so when you work out the annual cost its peanuts when you think of the peace of mind it gives. Dare I say HURRAH for a greta new BRITISH product
  8. non chainsaw waterproof work boots

    Haix do a range with or without toe caps IMO they take some beating http://www.haix.de
  9. Celox

    Ive read about this stuff http://www.celoxmedical.com/?gclid=CM6rw66e6pMCFQs4QgoddQ2wzA If it was developed for military aplications which include blats injuries I presume it should be good enough for ragged chain saw injuries.
  10. Who lost their car at the APF

    I went to a hotel to meet someone for lunch many years ago, I went back to meet them later for dinner. So you can guess the conclusion. I came ot in the evening, went to the place I had parked at lunchtime, called the police, called the missus to come 30 miles to pick me up, talk aboy red face
  11. base layers

    I have used Ullfrotte for years, Merino wool with some man made fibres. I use them for work, skiing and walking. The only thing I would say is that even on extremely cold days they can be too wram if you are really grafting
  12. Samson Arbormaster Rope

    It said don the invoive I got on my last purchase from states that the rope contained some fibres made in china but the rope was USA made
  13. Samson Arbormaster Rope

    Ive used Samson for years I wouldnt use anything else. It never milks and has great wear life I used to buy it from the states over the net but I just got a new hank from Honeys they seem to stock it now
  14. Overdue payment charges

    I have always charged interest if the payment exceeds my standard mothly payment terms. Its cleraly shown on my quotation and I also print that accepting me to do the job implies that my standard business terms are met. I charge 2% over the bank of England rate and always get it. Dont let the B****** get away with late payment, its always the ones with the big houses and swish cars who try to mess you around Hope that helps
  15. Feedback...APF

    Couldnt agree more, The site was good the day was sunny but £15 stuck in my throat more tan the crappy burgers they sell there


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