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  1. Crane Beech removal

    Looked like they were going to put the last lump right on top of the chip box for a minute
  2. Bye Bye Brucie!!!

    On The One Show last night Len Goodman was talking about him in the past tense so much I thought he'd already died and I didn't know. He really did know how to entertain an audience.
  3. Hilux Tyre Choice

    Anyone using the new General Grabber AT3? It come in the exact size on my Hilux - 255/70 x 15 112S, but only gets a wet grip rating of E. BFG AT KO2 gets B. I know it's only a guide, but there must be some consistency.Bit like food hygiene ratings. You'd probably walk past a place displaying 1 star. The BFG comes in 31 x 10.5 x 15 but only 109 load rating.
  4. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Who wastes that much chocolate? No much wasted here... our waists are proof
  5. Advice open barn

    I don't think it would. I live in an old house with old sash window. On windy days I can experience a 4 knot headwind walking down the hallway
  6. Husqvarna 375XP anyone ?

    Where did you get that from Steve?
  7. Tree surgeon falls 30ft

    Towards the bottom of the article.... “Accidents happen, course it was raining out and the tree was wet,” another neighbor said. “That had a lot do with it too.”
  8. Chainsaws.

    This was precisely the attitude that got me into BIG trouble with the mrs.
  9. Husqvarna 375XP anyone ?

    I've got a 372 XPW that it bought in the us a few years ago. It has a 75cc engine.
  10. SDS Drill vs standard cordless for drilling wood gateposts

    I did some fencing on my own property last september and managed to leave my Bosch 36v combi outside. Found it a couple of weeks ago. It had spent 9 months outside in the weather and the only sign was a bit of rust on the chuck. But agree with the 2 stoke suggestions.
  11. This bloke is double hard

    Makes a change from all the crooks out there who get rear ended at walking pace, then claim thousands in whiplash injuries.
  12. Redline Racing 2 stroke oil

    Was surprised how thin it is. I'm sure it the best there is, but I'd like it be be a bit thicker than Ribena
  13. Leaving back tipped

    I'd just let all the air out of the back tyres when parked. Obviously they will have to be re-inflated every morning, but I see that as a small price to pay for peace of mind with the hydraulics.
  14. What to buy in the US

    oh wait a minute... you had it shipped over? I was thinking you flew back with it in your checked baggage
  15. What to buy in the US

    How did you get caught?


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