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  1. I asked about the screwgates when I did my IRATA L1 and the instructors seemed to think it was because the karabiners in rope access aren't so likely to come undone as they don't get constantly knocked on branches and stuff. Have found while working if you're doing a long drop they sometimes do work a bit loose though. Also they're a lot cheaper 3-4 quid each for steel ones and double up IE you will use your krabs on rigging points (no problems with screwgate there) and on your harness. I think really that is just because thats the way its always been, also for example shunt is not a suitable backup device according to Petzl and yet is the standard backup device in IRATA?? Just the way it is. Also they told us about LOLER checks in rope access just swap your gear with a mate and check each others, this is for the proper written LOLER checks, that is deemed OK in IRATA.
  2. Got a call "can you work tomorrow?" last night at 9pm, then had to go and meet the boss - 10pm by then. Still I'm not complaining, working with good blokes, home already and more work tomorrow, all good.
  3. Thanks for this word Elagueur, had a hard time explaining to my better halfs family in France what I do, that might help. I found this website Elagage des arbres par Olivier. Le métier de grimpeur élagueur, elagage. Les entreprises d'élagage. , quite interesting pictures, words are baffling me a bit.. I might have to get on the case and learn as sounds like she may have landed a job in France, I might be moving over too.
  4. Dean Heritage Centre - events - looks like they have some carving going on 23rd May weekend maybe not 11th but seemed like there'd usually be someone carving something there anytime.
  5. I was at my folks place there recently saw there were a lot of carvers working at Dean Heritage Centre, Soudley ponds, some nice carvings & right over the road from some massive Douglas Firs. Well worth a look even if thats not where your thing is.
  6. using same combo (8mm) yeah takes while to break in then gets too sticky after a while, does work nice sometimes
  7. Think I'm gonna do CBT this weekend, was a cycle courier for 11 years and this tree business means I've got a car test coming up, don't think I could face myself in the mirror if I can drive motors but not ride em
  8. I heard the Peltor Chipper muffs are better? Got some 2 quid ones from a hss hire shop that were much better than the husky ones but don't go with a lid too well, headband type.
  9. tree of heaven looks mad when leaves first out & it seems to be the last one to burst
  10. done one, was wondering in the truck on way what a mono lift is??
  11. Grimpeur


    Had the book for years & got tickets for Monday
  12. That's what I thought but having seen this as the leather was cut right through I think his foot would've been cut without the fluff. Maybe the fact it was the special fluff didn't matter much but just the fact there was something there between the saw and his foot seems to have helped.
  13. Was working with someone who got the white fluff to come out the side of his boot with a saw today. Fluff didn't clog saw but it didn't cut through to his foot either. Another lucky escape..
  14. A side strop is much better imo, I've worked with some who use just one end and no side strop, just cling on with arms or legs at changeovers, scary. Hope he's OK.


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