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  1. Hi I am doing an Arb course and part of it is to specify pruning operations as listed in 3998:2010. I wonder if anyone had a copy I could take a quick look at (I understand copyrights issues and don't want to copy it just make a few notes) as I cant afford the £230 to buy it from BSI. Feel free to DM me if needed. On a side note 5837 is freely available online (probably shouldn't be but its on a council website as well) but 3998 is no where to be seen. How is the public for example supposed to know what standards to expect from a tree surgeon if they can't view the standard. Surely we cant expect each person employing a tree surgeon to buy a copy. I suppose this could be said of any sector that works to a BS.
  2. Hi APC i see in the stolen Greenmech thread you said that Hants has been done a few times this week. Where else do you know of if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Just to let anyone local know (so you can make sure your well secured), about 15 units were broken into at the same site on Wednesday night 5th Jan. Around 30-40Ks worth of equiptment was taken including a Iveco tipper, Timberwolf 125 chipper, climbing and lowering kits, numerous saw - 200t's, 361, 026, 066, 4x long reach hedge cutters, leaf blowers, normal hedge cutters, power washer, alu ramps, a long list of landscaping tools wacker plates, drills, chop saws, strimmers etc... This was near Botley in south Hampshire close to Southampton.
  4. you'll need quite a big tank to run a impact gun other wise your forever waiting for it to charge back up and it runs out if steam almost as soon as you pull the trigger
  5. the subs i use are starting their own business and hassle me for work when they have nothing but if i phone them and try to get them in when i want they um and ah and only do it if it fits in with them. i would pay more if they returned the 'favor' of helping me out when i need it but they don't
  6. QUOTE=Peter;60775]£0 to £30 per day is not enough to maintain climbing kit, saws, and pay PL insurance, IMO. are you saying up to £7800 is not enough per year for harness, ropes, and PL ?
  7. And long may it continue that way for you, must feel good to have a company so well reputed to attract good staff.# come on i wasn't being like that
  8. and well said!! I dont force anyone to work for me, they actually hassle me for work!
  9. i pay my starter with little experience 60, experienced grounds men 75 and climber 90 thats on PAYE. if they are self employed climbers and have basic tools ropes harness and saw it would be between 90 & 120 a day depending on the job
  10. i often end up under quoting if pushed for a price on the spot so itry to avoid it. i always say i will confirm in writing
  11. im using simple start on vista no probs
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    bit inconvenient mid week!


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