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  1. Mike organised this special course for me
  2. I'm looking for some work in Sweden but finding it hard to find companies to ask, does anybody have any contacts or names of companies in Sweden I can look into? any help at all would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I’ve just got back from a year in the south of Spain unfortunately not finding any work with trees (I know its hard to believe) I am now back in the UK and have never needed a job so badly, I will be moving to south Manchester in the first week of September and I’m looking for fulltime work in the area (willing to travel to an extent.) I have my national diploma and all the relevant tickets (Cs30, 31, 38, 39, 41 and chipper) with 3 years experience. I am a very hard worker and really keen and excited to get back to work and climb some trees. If anyone is interested please reply on here or contact me on 07907 085 480 or email at [email protected] thanks
  4. moving to seville for 10 months at the end of august, is it worth me looking for a job in tree work out there? please help
  5. cant quite remember just reduceing it off a garden and liftin i think, wasnt fun tho. i think someone said it was called silky oak or sumat, might be imagining that tho
  6. [ame] [/ame] i still skate and nearly got sponsered before i broke my toe before xmas. it takes it out of you workin and skating! [ame] [/ame]this is the most recent video this is my youtube account, theres some more vids i made on here http://www.youtube.com/user/skatewitness?feature=mhw4]YouTube - skatewitness's Channel
  7. climbed this tree in new zealand, wasnt the most fun anyone know what tree it is?
  8. cos im not working and still signing on the dole i asked the job center if i could get a trailer licence paid for as it would help me get work. they told me they couldnt pay for a course but to go to a place called connextions, i dont know if its the same place all over england or not but they have a grant upto £1000 for courses n stuff, they do mosta the paper work and you just have to fill out an application form and they send it all off, then you have to wait for a reply. i havnt heard anything back yet and its not gaurenteed whether they will say yes or not. i think you have to be unemployed to use the grant, not 100 percent sure tho ive allready sent the application form off asking for B+E though but i should have tried gettin the better one
  9. ive only got a licence after 97 but tryin to blagg the course for B+E car and trailer licence off this government grant thing. but seein as i passed my test after 97 i may as well try n blagg the one up from that so i can drive upto 7.5tn. does anyone know how much the one up from that is? n do you think its a good idea to try blagg the bigger one?
  10. billheath

    My LDV!!

    i think your truck is **** mate! only jokin fella, looks alreet, sounds abit slow tho lol
  11. YouTube - skatewitness's Channel

    thats my youtube account thing with the vids i made, check it ouy

  12. nah not yet, dont think im goin in tomoro so i can go over and sort it out, ive found out all the legal stuff n that and i should be able to get my money back like, but its just a ball ache init. he says his mechanic wil have a look at it but id rather get money back to be honest.

  13. yer thort id hav a little look about, dunno where to start tho? thers lots to look at.

    whyd you get to **** off early today?


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