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  1. get back to the shallow end, and while your at it put your arm bands on......you’re well out your depth .
  2. The tribe is strong, the collective is strong, the nation is strong - the atomised, isolated individual is weak, he may have deluded himself into thinking he lives a more free life than the tribe but he lives in a world where the rules are set by the tribe. The ‘free’ individual has the sword of Damocles suspended over his ‘empowering free life’. Wether the sword drops at any time is at the will and whim of the tribe. Imagine the Palestinians as atomised individuals disinterested in their tribal loyalties - they would’ve been crushed by the Israelis decades ago. The strength of the Palestinian tribe means they still exist today and that same tribal loyalty will mean they still exist in another 1000 years. You have a weak grasp of history and human behaviour.
  3. Nationalism and ‘the oppressed’ are not mutually exclusive Mark. Countless examples from history of oppressed peoples and nations who’s nationalist goals were achieved through nationalist sentiment. The 1916 Easter Rising for example.
  4. I do. It is a binary situation. I support the Palestinians. I support their right to self determination and their right to defend their homeland from an aggressive neighbour who is in the process of attempting to carry out the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from Palestine.
  5. By that logic you concede English nationalism to be as equally valid as Palestinian nationalism and both worthy of unquestioning support when it comes to defending your people and your homeland where you have lived for generations. We got there in the end. Thank you.
  6. it’s apparent you suffer from low testosterone
  7. You can be a leftist and a nationalist Stalin for example. leftism and nationalism are not mutually exclusive.
  8. The ordinary English people never oppressed anyone. The English elites carried out colonialism and empire building, the English ‘normal people’ just wanted to get on with their lives. The ordinary English people were oppressed by the English elites for centuries before during and after colonialism. Specifically after the reformation things got significantly worse for the ordinary Englishman. . .
  9. Kev, in the battle between Palestine and Israel I support Palestine. As an British nationalist you should too. Imagine the E.U. invaded Britain and attempted to build settlements for Europeans in order to ethnically cleanse the native British from their homelands. How would you like that? .
  10. mark j’s cognitive dissonance informed by his mutated Marxist/leftist mindset can be boiled down to the following examples - Palestinian Nationalism = Good English Nationalism = Bad Palestinians waving Palestinian flags = Good English waving St George’s flags = Bad That’s the level of political indoctrination Mark exists with. It’s a mental disability. .
  11. me and mark have been arguing about politics, culture and religion for years he’s said ten times worse to me. It’s called robust adult discussion maybe you should stick to the shallow end of the pool if it offends you
  12. 1) so you're now an ethno-nationalist in the same way that Palestinians are ethno- nationalist (Arab) and Israelis are ethno-nationalist (Jewish). 2) You've fallen into a trap so many leftists do and it's a thing of beauty to witness because you double down in your pitiful denial of reality. You really are as thick as mince. .
  13. I’m glad you agree you’re a nationalist, as I am, as are the Palestinian people as were their allies in the IRA and Sinn Fein. You identify with the Palestinian nationalist cause as you would identify with the Irish nationalist cause - the only thing you’ve never considered is the English nationalist cause or the British nationalist cause because your blinded by a maladaptive leftism which means you call English nationalists - bigoted racists and xenophobes. England is the homeland of the English people as Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinians and don’t you forget that. So the next time you hear an English person expressing deep heartfelt concern about the amount of immigrants coming into to England remember it is exactly the same motivation as the Palestinian expressing deep heartfelt concern over Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.
  14. I agree, Palestine is the home of the Palestinian people as ‘their people have lived there for generations’ Now will you agree with me that England is the home of the English people as ‘their people have lived there for generations’? As is Scotland the home of the Scottish people as ‘their people have lived there for generations’? Now be very careful how you answer Mark, because if you agree it means your a nationalist. An English nationalist. You can’t be an internationalist and support Palestinian national sovereignty and open borders leftism for everywhere else.
  15. Is Palestine the homeland of the native Palestinian people?
  16. Is Palestine the homeland of the native Palestinian people?
  17. Yes ginger having a 44 year old baby is certainly news .
  18. Do the Palestinians have a homeland? .
  19. "Absolutely U.K. gardening has racism baked into its DNA" That statement regardless of how he attempts to justify afterwards is implicitly directed at the majority of U.K. gardeners who happen to be native Britons. He is attempting to lecture to these people by exploiting his position of influence. The reason you know this is because he was specifically attacking U.K. gardening which is where you'll find the majority made up of native British people because native British people make up the majority of the population. His pathetic attempts at crying racism then centre around an absurd semantics based argument about the use of, 'native' and 'heritage'. Seeking to corrupt and subvert their meaning he fails miserably because he doesn't have the intellect or foresight to realise it was a ridiculous argument in the first place. He is an intellectually and morally bankrupt fool seeking to sow racial division where there was none.
  20. Ok, so you're now contending that past and current horticulture practices need work in the area of race. If you’d like to clarify. Which practices are you referring to? .
  21. You’ve gone from asserting, “this isn’t about race” to conceding that point then fully immersing yourself in the race debate within a couple of posts. You see how easily you were drawn into their damaging narrative. It’s naive and gullible people like you that are easily manipulated then weaponised by the likes of James Wong in order to amplify his toxic message. .
  22. The relentless search for sin in the most innocent and productive of pastimes, such as gardening is a recent disturbing trend in western culture. These intolerant politically motivated activists take something innocent and positive like gardening and inject Marxist critical race theory into it in order to deconstruct it and ruin it's innate value by politicising it to the point of making people feel guilty about partaking in it. It's a disturbing cultural trend, which is corrosive and toxic to mental health and general well being and should be rejected everywhere it is encountered. .
  23. Kew Gardens strongly disagrees with you


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