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  1. just after new year my log shed flooded through, the land was so saturated the water just came down the mountain in one end of the shed and out the other, never seen that before in 30 years
  2. i did the 24km route of the Fan Dance over Penyfan last weekend, there was a fair bit of snow up there so id imagine snowdon is worse, and as has been said theres still people going up poorly equipped.
  3. fuming, got a parking fine off Lidl today for £90, the fine showed me entering the car park at 12.53 and leaving at 1.14, the fine says that you can only park in there for 10 mins, what the hell can you do in ten minutes, I'm going to appeal against it by email as theres no way of contacting them by phone, i know one thing i won't be paying it !
  4. I've done lands end to john o'groats, if you get the training mileage in your backside should be ok anyway, like someone said eat enough keep hydrated and you should be ok, 60km a day is only about 40 odd miles so shouldn't be too bad.
  5. i think the reason why a lot of people don't use cycle paths is that they are used by so many other people, if your out on a training ride on your bike and doing 20 to 25mph you get people walking across the path who give you abuse when you want to pass (and then you've lost your speed and rythym anyway) then theres dog walkers, a mate of mine broke his collar bone the other day when he got tangled in an extendable dog lead, then theres parents with little kids on bikes with stabilisers, I'm not saying these people shouldn't use the cycle paths but if your a serious cyclist its just easier to use the road.
  6. I've got peltor ones, their quite good but i also bought a couple of pairs from Aldi or Lidl the other day £29 each they are quite good for the price
  7. 52 now and I've come to the point in my life when i need to start taking viagra, not for sex but to stop pissing on my slippers, lol
  8. <p>Hi Sam, not sure how your fixed for work, I've got a few days if your interested, cheers Lyn.</p>

  9. I lost my first wife aged 28 to skin cancer, a malignant melanoma on her leg,and now my daughter is at the age when she wants to go on holiday with her friends, she has fair skin like her mother did but she's quite sensible putting sun block on, still a worry though.
  10. mendip and silky if you read my first post i went to tetbury but the cash point wasn't working, i then found one in a petrol station which was on the way home,
  11. as i said jon, i did take cash but spent most of it, then seen a bargain, theres only so much cash people want to carrying around with them.
  12. is it just me or did any body else see the need for a cash point at the show, i did take cash with me but unfortunately it took a hammering in Buxtons, i then found a bargain on chipper blades but they didn't have a card machine, cash only, apparently they had one yesterday but not today:confused1:, when we were going i went 3 miles up the road to Tetbury and sods law the ATM wasn't working, eventually i found a garage with a ATM and went back for the blades, but a machine on site would have been handy and possibly more sales for the traders who help to make these shows happen.
  13. there is a forward and reverse relay, i had to change it on mine,
  14. <p>where are you based pal</p>

  15. if JC does do it thats another programme i won't be watching.


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