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  1. I took down two sycs with this around 10 years ago, remember asking on here what it was, two days cutting in as many days....no problems as far as I know. Thanks for the heads up πŸ‘
  2. I use 3mm square or star line, just whittle an edge off to get in the holes on the standard head. If you're cutting fine grass the thinner is better but I find 3mm the best all round
  3. I always clean off before fitting new blades yes but I haven't checked if the blade pockets are tight, do these have a torque? I always torque the blades πŸ‘
  4. Blades had done about 10 hours, the inside blade was fine and good edge on main part of blad in photo. That's the 4th set to have worn exactly the same way right on the outer edge of flywheel. Will whip the belts off next week and have a look/listen. Cheers
  5. I bought a low hour timberwolf 125 from orange plant last year. I haven't done many hours on it yet but change the blades much sooner than recommended to keep the machine in good condition. Each time the edge of the outer blade has been badly worn with the rest of the blade and other inside blade being in good condition. I have run my finger along anvils and last time took off a very small bur, this time it had still done the same, any ideas? It chips very well and I can't hear anything when I turn the flywheel by hand
  6. Concrete is permeable, seen it before but I concreted some drop down bollards with normal concrete, they are inside undercover and even though in a concrete Wellington they still fill with groundwater in winter and a lot of it. I was surprised how much. If I remember correctly I think you have to be careful with waterproofer and reinforcing not sure if they go together. Good luck πŸ‘
  7. Put back together today, paint still soft though after 72hrs, scratched with finger nail needed a little more paint needed although all but under the spare wheel is smooth. Although it was ral2004 orange it hasn't matched well really. I wouldn't recommend 2k non isocyanate aerosol to anyone. Hope it hardens ☹️
  8. Hi, I'm not very good with machinery electrics but have run both older versions of the 160, the 125 and the entec 150. When I have had similar problems it has been the relay (car style one). One occasion it was the roller engagement switch. Another thing on some of the older chippers is the throttle needs to be flat out to run the rollers. I had a bungee on the entec to stop it creeping back and the rollers stopping. It worked a treat. Good luck and let us know how you get on πŸ‘
  9. I left after taking the tape off, I think another can would have been about right, all that prep work to run out of paint πŸ™„
  10. With masking tape still over warning signs, took them off shortly after. The patch around the spare wheel is the worst and the vertical part behind the engine 🀦
  11. So I put my top coat on today, the orange ral 2004 that timberwolf recommend is terrible against my 6 year old paint and after applying 2 cans - 4 coats ( to just the engine and fan section) I ran out of paint. I'm gutted it looks awful, although the paint seems quite good. Should I let it dry and start all over again, rub down undercoat and respray with more cans this time? 🀦
  12. Thanks, going to start it soon, I'm only spraying the orange at the mo, appreciate the tips πŸ‘
  13. Thank you, it's non iso 2pack so no more dangerous than any normal spray apparently
  14. Thanks for the advice, I'm not too bad at light spraying it's the fact that it's 2pack non iso that was worrying me with the hardening etc
  15. Perhaps the theives are going to return it after discovering electrical problems πŸ˜‚ Hopefully the rightful owner will be reunited πŸ‘
  16. With all the spare time on my hands at the moment I thought I would touch up the chipper (paint I mean, I'm not that fond of it!). Well it was a lot worse that I thought, classic tw125 seams rusted etc and so far I have rubbed down and primed the engine and fan housing. The spray shop I ordered my top coat from recommended non iso 2k paint as harder wearing and better around fuel etc so I went for it. I have very little experience in this field and Google gives mixed reviews and ideas. Has anybody got experience with these type of aerosols? Am I best to do 3-4 light coats 30mins apart or closer while paint is still tacky? Some of the stories suggest if you don't get it right it doesn't harden properly. Also any idea how long to leave until I use the machine again. Thanks in advance
  17. Another vote for uni power, I do remember having to wait weeks for a valve stem for an older Kohler command engine
  18. I can't recommend scag enough, we currently run about 7 of them and they produce an excellent finish and are generally very reliable providing they are well maintained Yes, I have a rotary and a flail, both 48inch walk behind, the rotary makes a beautiful job of both rough and amenity grass and the blades are thick and great for mulching. The flail is very useful for chopping up hedge cuttings in areas where you don't have to be too fussy. Service them every year and never any problems πŸ‘
  19. If you can get hold of a scag 48 they are so well built, better than anything in the UK by far. The rotary deck can be changed for a flail also which is very useful. I wouldn't buy anything else πŸ‘
  20. Running bowline on dismantles, descend on single line if needed, a wrapped cam saver works if you keep a bit of weight in it. I borrowed a multisaver on one large pole one day, was handy and could see advantages, pretty cheap and could pop back up stem after lunch. If you're descending a single line on a friction hitch don't forget to put a munter in a crab on your harness or fig 8 πŸ‘
  21. Yeah that's why I asked, 48 is the biggest I have ever used 84" must be huge. Very handy to mill big stuff with poor access I bet πŸ‘
  22. 84" that's huge!! Do you take it surfing at the weekend?!! Seriously though is it purely for milling? It must flex a lot....must have to use a smaller bar to start cut if felling surely? Have you ever felled anything that needed it? πŸ‘
  23. I would say that this is probably correct but there's one area where I work regularly and the tpo map still shows trees that were removed 25 years ago and a conservation area was enlarged and not put on the map straight away


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