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  1. The saws don't last long enough to wear them out now πŸ˜€
  2. Do a lot like this, regular mower works well but hayterette or scag flail is best πŸ‘
  3. Wow what an opportunity! If I didn't have my own family I would have loved a chance like this πŸ˜’
  4. I recon it's when the workshop gets a bit chilly and the welder goes home early πŸ˜‚
  5. Too true, never been a green mech fan though but had started to come round to the idea, a little off putting to say the least.
  6. Just when you're thinking of chopping your chipper in for a green mech......you see this......think I'll stick! Hope it gets sorted by them for you. It bloody well should be
  7. I was going to copy the chalk line idea... Still haven't got round to it. Yes I thought the cutting and rigging dvd was best but have climbing also which is useful, bit depressing seeing how good he is with a throwback though πŸ˜‚. Wife bought as presents from Wes spur I think.
  8. In the Gerry Berenek DVDs he made one from a builders chalk line with a winder, looked great. He had it clipped to harness to advance his climb line πŸ‘
  9. I prefer straight blades. If you are notching and back cutting it just makes sense (although generally this would be chainsaw work) I love using a silky on reductions, hate a chainsaw getting caught and the silky cuts heal quicker/better than a rough chainsaw cut (on the tree I mean πŸ˜‚)
  10. Mine popped out the other week. I put it back crossed over itself if that makes sense, looks right and works well, hadn't taken any notice before thatπŸ‘
  11. Seems to be a good machine, much better than the hayter 56 pro and picks up better in the wet. Only cons are it's heavier to lift on and off a truck throughout the day and is a bit cumbersome in small gardens, although the slowest speed does help πŸ‘
  12. I replaced the bearing on an 81r last week, there are two circlips, a smaller one and a larger one. Took a bit ok knocking with a socket to get bearing out πŸ‘
  13. That's what I wear, very comfortable, great grip in the tree, the rubber protector around the base of the boot is a great idea to keep feet dry in wet grass etc but this seems to come unstuck when climbing in under 6 months I find. Still wearable but still a shame. You'll probably need to order a size larger than you normally are in other boots. I would probably buy another pair when these give up πŸ‘
  14. One at/sa and one plain one.... Bottom one is the at/sa, looks a good tyre... That's what I orderedπŸ‘
  15. That's good enough for me, cheers I won't bother mentioning it when I go back πŸ‘
  16. Thanks for the reply. So if I hit a kerb or the side of a stump etc you don't think it could cut the valve off and deflate the tyre?
  17. Hi, I had a pair of AT tyres fitted on the front of my Isuzu on Saturday, this morning I noticed that the two tyres had a different tread pattern so one is being changed this week! But I'm a little concerned about the valve length, they stick out further than the side of the steel wheels and almost to the wall of the tyre. Should I ask them to change them when I go back to have front changed or am I worrying over nothing?
  18. The Beranek DVDs are good my wife bought me the climbing and cutting/rigging in a tree. Very interesting and informative.... A lot more than any nptc short course will teach you πŸ‘
  19. If you already have a rope look at the diameter, if it's above 12.5mm it won't work too well in the zigzag. To be honest I have always got on well with just a mirco pulley on taller stuff or multi stemmed take downs and just a prussic or Blake's on normal day to day stuff πŸ‘
  20. I need to cut hedges, not tickle them πŸ˜‚
  21. I really wouldn't want a harness on any hedge cutter, would be too restricting and unnecessary
  22. That's what I heard, weight doesn't bother me too much. Thanks
  23. Apologies if this has been covered before. I have just rebuilt an older Stihl hs81r, which I quite like to work on, the gearbox con rods are great now there are no more needle bearings making sharpening much quicker and less hassle. The things that annoy me about this model is that the blade quality seems pretty poor(soft), I remove blades and lightly sharpen at least twice per year adjusting spacers too. My other annoyance are the two bolts that stick out underneath and flick up bits of already cut hedge especially on tight conifer etc. I preferred the older hs80 as it didn't have these bolts although took longer to take blades off. My question is.... Is the 82r much different and what are you guys currently using? Not tried the huskies or the Honda so interested in other views Thanks in advance πŸ‘
  24. Dean lofthouse demonstrating the gauze crap I mentioned πŸ‘


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