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  1. Also interested in the Zigzag when my 13mm new England is out of date. Just concerned, I love 13mm rope, does 11.7 feel much different when pulling on the hands? Is descent that much faster than a prussik? I was hoping they would have done a ZZ more suited to 13mm rope. Does it seem a pain on small climbs having to pass the whole rope through the ZZ? I normally just use a prussik and add a pulley on larger trees.
  2. There's many far wiser with much more experience than me. Generally if it's healthy you don't want to be making large cuts like that (looks loads more than 8ft) probably double. Agree that you are reducing sail but in years to come it will probably look a bit shit
  3. I try to prune trees for how they will look in future, not when I leave the job site. Not having a dig mate took me a while to learn after effect of pruning
  4. But the re growth will be in undesirable places... On branch ends etc. Trying to make a new leader.
  5. What difference would 8ft make?? Sealing was not recommended years ago. It does more harm than good.
  6. Cable Bracing? If it needs keeping. Don't top it
  7. 1/3 off a Scott's pine?! Just recommend ivy removal or removal of whole tree. It will look shit topped and will pose more danger in the future if topped
  8. The build up...it's like a movie....this could be the DVD box cover πŸ˜‚
  9. I have a pair of electric boot dryers husky make them. I dry wet boot with them but also put them in when I wake up (even if dry) if I know it's going to be cold. Starting with warm feet helps
  10. Careful you don't injure your fanny πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
  11. Didn't think they had bollock protection anyway πŸ˜‚
  12. Found a pic online (not me). Hope this helps make sense. Obviously you don't have to have a three wrap prussik. Give it a try mate πŸ‘
  13. If you pull the tail end of your rope upwards it will stop the prussik from slipping, get out to where you want and then just tighten it like I said, it won't slip. Also you can put a pulley below your prussik using another small prussik (starter cord or boot lace) on the termination end. Will advance your prussik for you, making acending easier and returning from limb walks easier. You can just lower the little prussik when needed and climb like normal. Probably sounds complicated and I've made a shit description but it really makes it easier and is cheap as chips.
  14. Every parish has one ....don't they?!!πŸ˜‚
  15. Is the throttle cable correct ( to right of filter), I must have knocked mine when cleaning out once on my MK1. Took me half hour to spot what was wrong. Wouldn't run right. Just a thought
  16. What do you think of the Honda blades on the largest double sided machine?
  17. Totally agree with the spacer comment. And the crap metal that makes up the Stihl blades. Β£25 is very reasonable. I only do a few a year and that's enough monotony for me πŸ‘
  18. I only de bur. If I sent my blade to be sharpened professionally I would expect spacers to be adjusted or changed for thinner ones. I wasn't having a pop just thought it's easier, in a vice etc
  19. It takes two minutes to take the blades off. You can clean out the hardened grease at same time and adjust spacers. I don't see how not removing them is better?
  20. Got sent this last week πŸ˜‚
  21. The only good point of these hedge cutters compared to the hs80 is that it's a piece of piss to take the blades apart without needle bearings flying everywhere. It doesn't have them. Just take the blades off. I normally just lightly debut them with a Dremel and then lower the spacers slightly, you need to take the blades off to make a proper job πŸ‘
  22. I saw that, looks well looked after to be honest I know that doesn't tell the full story but that Perkins would be bomb proof πŸ‘
  23. Another vote for the tree runner, 500. So simple to set up and use for any inexperienced groundy


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