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  1. We got my 3year old boy one of these diggers, it has been the nuts, all metal with a breaker, bucket and grab. The bloody thing even smokes. The controls for the arm are the same as a real digger so I expect him to be a whizz next year in real life 🀣 keeps bashing the wife's Oak dresser though πŸ™„
  2. Great book. Have climbing and cutting/rigging dvd also. Very informative πŸ‘
  3. Regularly sing this to my wife πŸ˜€
  4. Or 'absolute c*nt of a day' and 'my Dick's on the dole' πŸ˜‚ and the one about the apprentice hahaha
  5. 'shes the sorta Sheila for me' or 'my grandfather's cock' my favourites πŸ‘
  6. My old entec did this years ago. Check the belt tension (to the hydraulic pump) and also the hydraulic oil level. Hope it sorts it out πŸ‘
  7. Must have been a very wide and very low sided trailer 🀣
  8. I normally have to show my willy before getting a sweet....so it can't be grooming πŸ˜‰
  9. Jellies/wine gums from spectrum plant when I send my blades off for sharpening πŸ‘
  10. This⬆️, had mine to replace caterpillar Sheffield's, that I couldn't replace....seem very good and comfy straight out of the boxπŸ‘
  11. The Gerry beranek dvds are very good. My Mrs bought me the climbing one and cutting and rigging in the tree years ago. There's a felling one too now but don't have that... Don't have many 300ft trees round here 😁
  12. 362xp husky would run a 20" fine without any fancy shit πŸ‘
  13. Have you watched the recent reg coates video? Even the American guys were mentioning spud. Which is very good considering there seems to be more "saw doctors" over that side of the water. I currently don't have any modded saws, although it has crossed my mind especially on the 660. I would imagine the older style saws would be more worth it as they seem sturdier built and will last longer than the new high performance throw away crap. Just my opinion.
  14. I use these, very cheap and have several pairs for wet days. Can't open your files to see the tree..... sounds like you did a good job πŸ‘
  15. Get yourself down to Essex and booked into Steve Woodley's hewing course.......then you could change your name to 'smooth hewn' and would be more employable πŸ˜‚, nice photos by the way πŸ‘
  16. Can't you just slide it off the end of the rope (not the spliced eye end obviously)?
  17. The easiest way is with a cam saver with a mallion rapid one end as the small ring. You can set your throw line, then put the throw bag through the big ring ( attach a karabiner if it falls out) and the the other line at ground level can be put through the mallion rapide or fed through the small ring if it can't be unscrewed. Pull into place with a flip action to get into the crotch. Then attach your rope to the line, I use a running bowline with several half hitches (one near the end of rope), very important so that your rope goes through the rings easily. Should be loads of video on YouTube. Other ways of setting them. And you can even feed the throw line through the small ring before you throw.....but I always forget that πŸ˜‚
  18. This had been said before, what if a squirrel nibbled at it? Its not really worth it. If I have a job that's more than one day I would retrieve everything and just leave a throw line or cheap polypropylene in place. With customers consent of course
  19. Maybe people do use old climb lines for rigging but on an instructional/advertisement video it's pretty poor. Especially on a piece of rigging kit designed to prevent shock (lowering large wood). I would like to see their risk assessment and method statement if that had to make an insurance claim. "Yes judge my climb....erm I mean rigging rope has up to date loler" πŸ˜‚
  20. I have a 180 amp stick welder that can be turned up higher with industrial electrical supply. It wasn't that expensive, Β£180 I think. I bought a gasless mig hoping it would make welding thin stuff easier but it's horrible. I normally just stick weld everything now. The gasless wire is expensive as it has a built in flux. Also it blows just as many holes in thin metal as an arc welder so really no advantage
  21. I heard it was prolonged cold that did them in....5+ days or so of below -8degrees or so
  22. I recon he's holding out for a Christmas box πŸ˜‚
  23. You can Pollard that, they respond fine. Half way should do. Late Winter is best late February πŸ‘
  24. With the old 020av you never got a choice, normally smelt burning jumper first πŸ˜‚
  25. That's what I'd heard, was hoping they'd do a slightly larger version for 13mm.... But nothing as yet


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