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  1. climbing trees down under programme thingy tonight bbc2 - 7.30pm
  2. Looks like getting an old insulated shipping container or insulated van body and converting it can be done but is a bit pricey? http://www.firewoodkiln.com
  3. someone else said that, maybe oak would not start or keep a fire going unless it was mixed with ash or something else?
  4. I wonder if their is a market for selling oak firewood as a premium product? maximum heat, low ash content and slow burning. might be able to charge that bit extra? At least customers would know what they are getting?
  5. and there was me moaning that i was working indoors when i wanted to be outside doing tree work. I forgot about wearing chainsaw boots and hyflex trousers!
  6. ta . hmmmm.. see what you mean? what i really want to do is put a couple ads in my local and jump in my pickup and get going on my own.. run before walking comes to mind though?
  7. CS30 and 31 done (kensey training,top marks good course), now do i do the cs32 and 34 medium trees and windblown, or basic tree climb and cs39 use of chainsaw from rope and harness? would like to get both but can only do one in the next couple of months, which is better work wise?
  8. cor blimney guvenor... thought as much steve, whereas my dad and grandad picked up the yellow pages it seems people increasingly get straight on the net these days, but even your answer surprised me!
  9. Any of you peep's out have websites and if you do any idea if they actually lead to any phonecalls of the type - "hi, I saw your website can you come around and give me a quote?" or is it yellow pages , local paper ads, and word of mouth that generates all the work?
  10. I see lots of pics of tree workers with what we call full PPE, eg chainsaw protection boots , gloves , trousers, helmets , muffs. and a t-shirt! what happened to the chainsaw protection jacket? surely without that it's not full PPE? I know you build up a sweat when working with trees, but you can have a shower when you get home, what you can't do is stick your arm back on with a bit of araldite! am I being too black and white or is it just impractical to wear the jacket?
  11. I know who I will ring come monday morning (even if i do have camp in a field in cornwall for a week!)
  12. I'm not even sure that is the final figure as the NPTC assessment is £220 approx + VAT? so it could be nearer £900:scared:
  13. I have just been offered a place on the cs30/31 course at kingswood at the end of the month and was expecting to pay around £500 ish. that's what's on their website so i thought ok? I got their invoice and it seems that the course with assessment is £875! inc vat Is this the normal price everyone charges?
  14. I'm hoping to go the other way, it's not all above money believe me, just spent 5 and a half hours in the car today travelling to and from work then spent 8 hours on a building site with 300 bosnians for £120 (less £30 diesel costs). Is it worth it? you decide... I already have.
  15. my girlfriend works for a land agent and is going to look into finding us some woodland this week.


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