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  1. Duncan Slater talks about his research at the "Tree days seminars" in Sweden 2010 Duncan's fork lecture (audio)
  2. Xerxses

    Root zone amelioration

    Thanks for updating on the progress of this tree. Did you notice any differences in the crown that varied from other parts, eg shoot extension, colour etc... ? Just curious if the response is even or if you can see any correlation to decompacted sections and sections in the crown?
  3. Xerxses

    Frithsden Beech

    Bugger! (Sorry...)
  4. Xerxses

    Frithsden Beech

    Not this one i hope!?!
  5. Anyone remember the thread with this footage? Trying to find the original thread and footage, but no luck so far. There was a film with a guy dismantling a tree and the crane operator swings the tree the wrong way and touches the powerlines... Anyone remember? Probably a couple of years back...
  6. Xerxses

    Your Favourite Signature on Arbtalk

    Class!!! Hahaha:lol:
  7. Xerxses


    Trädmästarna - Startsida Looking for Arborists for autumn and winter season..
  8. Xerxses

    Some very Tragic News

    I do hear his name and stories from the Arb Community once in a while... There is definatly a lasting memory of him.
  9. Xerxses

    Some very Tragic News

    Yesterday 30th of March 2012, a young tree climber, Darryl Platton 21 years, was killed in a car crash whilst driving to the work site. On behalf of the Swedish Arbcommunity I would like to express our deepest sympathies and thoughts with his family, friends and work colleagues and anyone else affected by this sad loss. As Arborists we know that every day is a risk, but sometimes there is no explanation for a death and they come completely out of no where. This has really affected everyone involved in our trade as, luckily, accidents is a very rare occurrence in the Arbworld in Sweden. The Swedish Arborist Federation SAF have decided to be naming the upcoming Rigging event trophy in memory of Darryl, and will have a minutes silence in memory of his life prior to the event. Our thoughts are with you.
  10. Xerxses

    Some very Tragic News

    Daryl's Tree Near the end of October, 2012, as a mark of respect for our lost friend, we got together and planted a tree. We chose to plant his favourite tree, a copper beech (Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea') in a beautiful field in Hagaparken, Stockholm. Trädmästarna - Daryl Platton I found this on the company's website Daryl was working for. Thought it might be of interest to people who knew him.
  11. Xerxses

    Some very Tragic News

    Daryl Platton 1990-09-04 – 2012-03-30 On the 30th of March 2012 at around twelve thirty we forever lost our friend and colleague Daryl Platton. He was driving to a job, as we all do everyday, when he was involved in a fatal car accident. He had only been in Sweden for two of his twenty-one years, but in that small space of time he made a big impression on us all. His love, enthusiasm, and skill for his work were an inspiration to all of us. His liking for lifting heavy objects springs to mind. He must have been taught well and been a great student because we received a well-rounded professional arborist skilled beyond his years. Daryl was a kind and gentle soul, short on words, big in heart (and muscles). We choose not to think of the over-bearing tragedy of his death, but rather remember his life. His ever-present goofy smile made us all smile, and kept us smiling. Daryl moved to Sweden to kick-start his adventure through adult life. The profound effect he had on us in such a short space of time…, one can only imagine what he could have and would have gone on to do. But all our hard work, achievements, and accomplishments shall forever be shared with him. We all owe him so much. Daryl was one of those people that you meet in life who had such an uplifting influence on so many. He will be sadly missed by all of those who knew him. Our hearts and thoughts go out to his family and friends. The work comrades at Trädmästarna Trädmästarna - Daryl Platton
  12. Xerxses

    Tree ID practice

    Ill give you a challenge...
  13. As always, any study will have to limit itself. Valid point that i'm sure will be covered in future studies... Is this better? ScienceDirect.com - Phytochemistry - Untapped mutualistic paradigms linking host plant and endophytic fungal production of similar bioactive secondary metabolites
  14. Efforts to introduce pathogen resistance into landscape tree species by breeding may have unintended consequences for fungal diversity. Interesting read! Might be of some interest for you involved in ecology, diversity and planning. PLOS ONE: Resistance to Dutch Elm Disease Reduces Presence of Xylem Endophytic Fungi in Elms (Ulmus spp.)
  15. Xerxses

    To Mulch, or not to Mulch?

    Will try and see how it works... thanks for the tip!
  16. Xerxses

    ULTIMATE tree removal tool

    Theyre really good! Use it on tidying gravel of lawn mostly... after the gritty snow mounds.
  17. Xerxses

    To Mulch, or not to Mulch?

    Your tree looks lovely David! I'm looking forward to a revisit. Maybe in the autumn...
  18. Xerxses

    To Mulch, or not to Mulch?

    A very valid and needed point these days. The tree looks like its liking the special treatment! I'm doing my 2:nd stage mulching on the oak as of now... Will post pics later on when its finished. The compaction is severe and I could really do with an Airspade but due to funding... mulching will have to do for now. Any more pics as the tree are in full leaf by now?!?
  19. Xerxses

    Limbwalkers documentary

    Possibly so Sean, but hopefully both aspects will be better put in the right context in the final edit. Nice preview of something promising though.
  20. Xerxses

    Limbwalkers documentary

    She is talking about the love of trees and put together with a dismantle?!? Kinda sends the wrong message, not?
  21. Xerxses

    Would you climb this?

  22. Xerxses

    Would you climb this?

    Throw saw for Jobs like this...!
  23. Yeah but the weather is really bad and the people over here....
  24. The Swedish Arborist Federation is proud to present some of the best speakers on the topic in the most beautiful city in the World! ;-) Sveriges Arboristförbund - SAF Click the link for more info...
  25. Xerxses

    Lunge thread

    You lot cracks me up! Thanks (Tanks) fellas! Really needed a good laugh!!!!


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