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  1. It is indeed, great spot to spend a few weeks . . . if the weather is kind! Thought so, it’s about a mile from my house. We’ve done some Pine Hoverfly habitat creation in there for a few years now working with the national park.
  2. JimM


    <p>Hi mate,</p>

    <p> Down in Nethybridge in the morning, stump grinding. Think it might have been one you took down. Meant to pass you my mobile number 07775 858 370.</p>


  3. JimM

    <p>Weather stayed pretty good throughout. Enjoyable courses.</p>

  4. Alban

    <p>Hi Jim, good luck on the course. Woke up to snow this morning, hope it doesn't follow you down there!</p>

  5. JimM

    <p>Hi mate. Heading south to Holmfirth tomorrow for 40/41 or whatever the equivalent is now, plus tracked MEWP and the new Emergency planning course. Hoping their weather is as good as Moray's is.</p>

  6. The plastic fuel tank on my stc 150 has developed a slight leak where the fuel line exits the tank. There is no damage and it appears to be the sealant that is allowing fuel to seep out. Does anyone know if it is repairable or what sealant to use? Many thanks.
  7. Alban

    silver birch

    Silver Birch, like Scots Pine, have tap roots. From about 15 years of age they send down a tap root. Therefore they tend to break out rather than uproot. A combination of crown reduction and thinning can have very good results.
  8. I own an entec (old timberwolf) - 6 inch capacity weighs 750kg and apart from the non-greaseable bearings I have had no problems at all in 4 years of ownership. Due to it's age I have been thinking of renewing, that greenmech being one of the possible candidates to replace it. A couple of weeks ago I was helping out a friend who had said Greenmech and so I was looking forward to seeing how it performed. I have to say although I liked a lot of the features, it was a fair bit slower (blades were sharp) than my entec. It seemed to lack power with the anti-stress kicking in all the time when it was only small Leylandii branches going through. My machine doesn't have anti-stress and I don't think we would have had to stop/start the rollers at all had we been using it on that job. The other thing I am loathe risk losing is the excellent support I get from the local Timberwolf dealer and Steve at Timberwolf on the few occasions I've needed.
  9. I renewed my 130 tipper policy with Trust Insurance, they were the cheapest for me. Good luck!
  10. Alban

    Ms261 or 346xp

    346XP I've always been a Stihl man but had the same decision to make a while back, got a 346XPG and haven't regretted it at all. Huskys are cheaper and come with a 2 year warranty too.
  11. A year and a half ago I had to fit new rotor & shafts due to wear, I was told it was the older style with fixed shafts so had to change whole lot and, had it been a newer model then it would have been possible to change just the shafts? Having looked after the machine, changing blades and correct maintenance I have the same problem. Apparently the bearings are fine but the shafts are worn. However, I've been told by dealer, the older style rotor with fixed shaft is no longer available and so need newer style parts. I asked my mechanic to go ahead and order the parts to which he was then told by the dealer that they would need to press the shafts in and charge an hours labour. I okayed this and waited to hear back from my mechanic, I discovered this week that the dealer is now saying that they need to do the entire job as it requires precise calibration. I just need to get my chipper up and running ASAP but the dealer is 3 hours drive away. Should the bearing not wear before the shafts and has the older style rotor been discontinued?
  12. I used to have a Mitsi Challenger, it did the same and I knew of at least 2 other L200 owners who had the same issue. I looked into the issue to discover it is just letting you know the sensor(s) have failed. Something that seems to happen a lot but nothing to worry about.
  13. Alban

    old entec

    You'll get the switches from your local timberwolf dealer. Entec became timberwolf and the machines are still very similar. The original switches died on my entec and were replaced with the control panel you get on the current timberwolfs.
  14. I'm looking to buy and fit a new tipper on my 130 has anyone any experience of these guys? Land Rover Parts, Accessories, Repairs, Spares, and Servicing in London and Hertfordshire I'm looking for a nice light aluminium construction.


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