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  1. hey mate is that one of them active top handles in your profile pic? thanks, dan

  2. Try Travis Perkins get mine for nout they are only pleased to get rid of the old rtg bags as they wont use them again. Whilst you are there ask them for some old pallets so you can store a log filled dumpy bag off the ground and the air flows round the base of the bag instead of sucking the dammp up.
  3. Crikey he has come out and nailed his colours to the mast about the forth comming royal wedding, I recently took 4 split boughs out of a big willow at the end of his garden at his official residence in Willesden. Seemed a nice bloke when i spoke to him, massive spurs surporter and also a real ale drinker. On top of that his wife Sara kept the teas commming all day. My only matronal advice is to wear your seat belt. Anyone else done any work for infamous poeple recently.
  4. Whilst having a down day last week i had sky news on and they were doing a live feed from a House of commons< in front of a select commmitte where the PM (David Cameron) was being asked a lots of loaded questions about UK plc, one of them was about trees and forestry, He admitted that he liked trees a lot and then went on at length about the forestry commision and seemed to be quite clued up foresty matters. Just for info.
  5. I have been givern a book by one of my clients (how kind) DIY projects for Farmers, Smallholders and Gardeners. There are over 50 projects to make and i like the way in layman terms Joe Jacobs describes how to go about it and the sciece behind the projects, ie the methane digester (not for the faint hearted) but the chapter that got me really interested was "Installing a ground source heat pump" anyone with a digger will be making good money out of this one. trench required min is 1.25m deep 1.25m wide and 30m to put the "Slinky" pipe in. If you Google Kensa engineering they have a website which explains it in far more detail The heat pump comes the size of a fridge and apparently for each unit of leccy you put into it running the pumps you get 4 units of heat i surpose its like have a 4 bar heater on and only paying for 1. With a log burner as well i reckon its the way forward. I have no connection at all with the above company or the guy who wrote the book. Btw its the ground which cools the refrigiant fluid into a liquid ready to be compressed into a gas in the heat pump unit which gets hot when it is compressed into a gas. Clive
  6. In March i hired out a Kersten 820 roller sweeper machine and gave them a good going over and i can now report that the courts are still clear of moss. I am still keeping up though with bi monthly billy goating power vacuming. The client is well pleased with the result.
  7. Has anyone laid a deck with this stuff. I have to do a quote on a 6m x 4m one and the client wants to go composite planks instead of real wood. There are two types which i have found solid and 3 chamber hollow (attached with clips). It appears that the boards are formed with micro woodchip mixed with recycled plastic milk bottles. awaiting for ecodek.co.uk to get back to me. Does the stuff blunt the saw quickly? Clive
  8. Hi there see you have some big rings in the driveway.

    Hows work have you been busy


  9. Same thing happening Ilsham Marine Drive Torquay, new money development site near to the view over Thatchers rock. There are notices put up by the local council asking for information as to who is hacking back TPO trees which are interupting the view. Clive
  10. Hi Alan welcome onboard the lifejacket is under the seat

  11. Catch it on the Iplayer there was a news item about businesses doing well whilst all the snow is lying around and they cut to an arborist who is processing logs and selling them on. Bit of Landy tipper porn in the background,as well as a demo of what perhaps might be a Hakkel pike on the back of an old tractor. All the best Clive
  12. hello clive its Alan from micks parties in case you forgot me.

  13. yep on tues had the demo of the Kersten 820 does the job very well its the way forward. They hire the machine at £80 a day BTW been using jeyes fluid i get it for £19 for a 5litre can.
  14. Here in Paris just seen a misrable 4 foot christmas tree selling at 40euros in a monoprix supermarket
  15. I look after 4 tennis courts at a local school ie Billy goating for leaf and dirt clearence. Has anyone got any ideas on controlling moss growth on them. Cheers Clive. Btw they are are tarmac


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