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  1. Hi all!! I loose my Veermeer manual and i must install sharp greenteeth or vermeer teeth Anyone have some manual/ scheme pls help asap
  2. thanks it's helpfull
  3. I'M going to Dalbeattie
  4. looking for any good well-stocked arborist shop in UK for some shopping. Any suggestion??? pls help
  5. KGmyrek

    Cheap housing

    great house.. i find a lot of them and i will build one of this .. Cabin Porn a lot of tinny houses
  6. xcab and sport cab pickups are not family car's I use my only for work. they are not comfy.
  7. About two years ago I find my Mazda seria B 2500(this same like Ford Ranger) sport cab. Great idea for small tree works. My pickup haven't tipper but it's ok for me. I have alu box on it and great roof rack witch ladder protection. roof rack help when you have wood chips on box. http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/members/kgmyrek-albums-alpinarb-picture6548-dscn7893-800x600.html
  8. it will be great, I'll do it tomorrow.
  9. THANKS it should be Helpful, i'll try to call PL dealer.
  10. Hi, my lovely wood chipper is broken... engine don't want to start, all lamps are Ok, ignition is Ok, but then engine just stop. I think that I have a problem with Speed Switch(Woodward EPS 1000), on channel 2 is red lamp burning, stop button, and others sensors are working correct. I'm in deep s..... in PL I don't have a Timberwolf service, what I should to do. Any idea?
  11. KGmyrek

    tw 190 batery

    I'm glad to read this thanks
  12. KGmyrek

    tw 190 batery

    what kind of battery is in the TW190, my was stolen and I don't know what diameter to bay
  13. KGmyrek

    190 DHB Manual

    thanks mate it is helpful
  14. Hi, looking for some good arborist shops near Portsmouth, Southampton or London. Someone can help about it
  15. Hi, any one have it?? i'm in Poland and I realy need it......


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