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  1. Ben

    Amazing spoons.

    Where's the like button when you need one :-) Love it.
  2. I always used to feel much better once I had my tie in point installed
  3. Looks like it might be on Farmers Trader. PM sent. Ben.
  4. First saw is a Stihl 026, got it in 1990 from Broadleaf Browns Still runs a treat.
  5. Just waiting until I get my IPad then I can download the fungi app
  6. I have the Collins Complete guide to British Mushrooms and Toadstools ISBN 978-0-00723224-6 is it worth me replacing it with this new book?
  7. Can anyone help please. I would like a copy of BS3882:2007 - Specification for Topsoil and requirements for use. It's to help me put together a work spec for tender. Thanks in advance.
  8. Ben

    12g Cartridges

    Yes, it's a small grass field only used for shooting. I asked before I got my cartridges.
  9. Ben

    12g Cartridges

    Thanks guys, I was just shocked buy the price. I remember paying about £32 per 250 for Gamebore White Gold 28g 7 shot. must have been longer than I thought since I've been shooting.
  10. Ben

    12g Cartridges

    Hello All, I've been asked to go clay shooting by some friends, thing is I haven't been shooting in years. So I had to go and get some cartridges, and the cheapest the shop had were £39.50 for 250. Is the the going rate these days? (cartridges are 12g Eley First 26g 8 shot plastic) Just seems expensive to me!
  11. Ben

    Fungi Ident

    This is as close in as I can get without visiting site again and taking another photo. If I have time I will try and do that tomorrow.
  12. Ben

    I.D. please

    Could it be a Cryptomeria japonica / Japanese Red Cedar ?


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