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  1. 4000lb = 2 ton US, i.e. short ton and NOT long ton, as ton in the UK is long (~1016kg), while metric tonne is the 1000kg one noted by the speling.
  2. You are quite right, Shropshire like the rest of the UK has been moving, if you do surveying and use GPS you will know the UK on average is moving ~2.5cm per year away from the WSG84 datum while the ETRS89 datum is static over the European plate thus since their respective ellipsoid inceptions which were once on the same datum point are now ~0.55m apart in ~ ¼ of a person’s lifetime. As for latitude change, very true, we have moved, but we have had few ice age here covering what is now the “UK” so our latitude change has not been that major in comparison to our longitude change, we know southern England was at the edge of glacial reach for quite some time due to the mineral deposits being washed out and our climate is a little artificial in comparison to other places of the same latitude, we also know this has been the case more than once! If we look back far enough then any argument about “latitude” etc is defunct anyway as not only dose continents move but the geologic “poles” move, the earth wobbles on its axis vs. the sun and the magnetic field wobbles, moves and sometimes flips ~180 deg so North becomes south and visa-versa and while scientists can make guesses and generalisations its simply not a hard fact that can be nailed down to even a specific century which all compounds any error/s. After all the “scientists” do such a good job of telling use the weather in 1 weeks’ time from what is seemingly a reedy set of known data points available by the hour rather than some potentially obfuscated old data from coring etc whare they “guess” what it was like climate wise etc when there are many geological events that are unknown with major causal effects without including what our star the sun was doing at the time.
  3. Take near where I live, it was once tropical forest, it was once under the sea, it was once sand dunes, it was once marsh, it became forest agene, it’s been under glacial ice more than once, and in the grand scheme of things it is acknowledged by almost all scientists that WE the earth are approximately half way between glacial ice ages so surprise surprise it getting towards the crest in temperature highs. As for the CO2 levels, there have been periods in history it has been lower & higher than now, scientists are split as to if CO2 levels lead or lag temperature rise and when they show graphs of supposed data the sampling points are so far apart that it’s easy to massage data to get what your trying to find, try plotting 10000000 years at 2000DPI on a printer, your paper would only have to be 416ft long yet most glossy magazine are printed in only <600DPI, take a 1900 pixel wide monitor you would need 5263 monitors wide which if ~20” wide (~24” diagonally) you would need 1.66 miles of monitors side by side, or if you want to show it all on the full screen of the same monitor your sample points would be 5263 years apart which is a fair few times larger than even the largest proposed CO2 rise leading temperature rise! The biggest greenhouse gas known on earth is water vapour, it’s also the method by which cooling takes place but unfortunately you won’t find it in bubbles glacial ice cores because surprisingly its froze to the inside of the bubble wall and is indistinguishable from the glacier!
  4. But, if someone approaches you without any soliciting from you, then you haven’t actively been pursuing sales in the manner of a “Pedlar”, I would also suggest it would take more than one “sale” by this method within say a 1 day/1 week before it would be considered anything other than chance. I am sure most workers in arb have been approached by someone who just so happed to be passing who stops to ask if they can have/buy wood, or have some wood chip for their garden, etc, etc.
  5. http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/licenceLanding?itemId=1087725247&type=LICENCE
  6. Having gone to the extents of putting chain and sprockets to peddle with, it would not have taken much more of a leap to have put a saw mount on it, so you could then use a saw to drive the contraption using old saw chain with the teeth ground off.
  7. The Cleaner An Epic new film starring Timber “Jason Statham” bear Hen pecked househusband by day, Ruthless gadget wielding dust assassin by night, Timber “Jason Statham” bear is The Cleaner, an assassin tasked with hunting down scum, see him polish off his enemy’s, eradicating stains of humanity or just sometimes hanging them out to dry. Advanced screenings available july 12th in the Outer Hebrides
  8. I don’t know what happened to my mental arithmetic in my last post , but the corrections to weights are in bold The above/below ><20mph limit is by virtue of “the road vehicles construction and usage regulations” (C & U reg’s), the long and the short of it is, if it travels legally above >20mph it must always be using the higher standard defined. This law and its later smaller updates as well as earlier versions or sections within that were not revoked regulate vehicle construction and usage as the name implies, it is used by the police and VOSA , it covers everything from electric pedestrian controlled vehicles to heavy haulage lorry’s, and from sidecars to trailers, basically any type of road vehicle or trailed items attach to road vehicles, it covers suspension, brakes, steering, axle spacing, length, width, hight, projections, weights (inc axle), etc, etc, etc, it also contains “definitions” which e.g. define what an “agricultural tractor” is or what “road friendly suspension” is etc, etc. Key area’s in this instance would be: (for use on the public road >20mph) 1: Steering, for use above >20mph the vehicle must use a mechanical steering link, so hydrostatic steering is not permitted as there is no mechanical steering link between the steering wheel and the road wheel/s that steer or between the 2 chassis section either side of the pivot if articulated steering. This is why lorrys, cars or Unimog’s and Fastrac’s use steering box or steering racks and why they only have “power assistance” at most, rather than powered steering, the main reason for this is down to safety, with a mechanical link should the engine cut out or a hydraulic pipe burst etc etc steering is maintained. 2: Brakes, this has 2 key area’s, brake performance & system type/integrity, for use >20mph an efficacy of a minimum >50% of the vehicle weight is required, that is to say that if a vehicle weighed 6000kg it would need to generate at the very least >3000kg of braking force as a sum-total across all its axels, it ALSO has to generate >50% braking on each individual axle based on the total weight imposed on that axel, (this brings an extra challenge to vehicles that e.g. have implements mounted forward of the front axle, or rearward of the rear axle) so the true minimum braking force would have to be at lest 50% of each axels maximum rated weight capacity, Above >20mph the use of hydrostatic brakes, or hydraulic brakes that require pumps to maintain pressure are not permitted, each road wheel must have its own brake – this precludes brakes mounted on e.g. axle differential inputs/gearbox outputs which can only really serve as “hand brakes” (not the same as hub brakes or inboard brakes which work on half-shaft) so your only choice here would be a car like system with vacuum (servo) assistance, or air over hydraulic as you would find on e.g. 7.5t trucks, Unimog, Fastrac. 3: suspension, to travel above >20mph the vehicle needs to be fitted with road friendly suspension supporting a bulk of the vehicles weight which allows each wheel to move relatively independently up/down while supporting the vehicle weight via the suspension, so your options here are coil or leaf springs, air springs, or hydraulic rams with gas-charged diaphragm accumulators (handy for self-levelling on side-slopes or vs. load! ) So basically, whenever something is design for use above >20mph on the public road it must have all the key elements that cars, vans, 4x4/SUV, lorrys, motorbikes, Unimog/Fastrac (as examples of tractors vehicles) or even track-laying vehicles like tanks & APC have. It’s worth noting though for a policeman or man from VOSA to apply the upper limits they must have proof that you were exceeding >20mph, however IF you were actively marketing it as a 40kph on the public highway solution then you would have to conform to all the requirements, but as it is, you only seam to state its maximum speed and not where it can be done, so like with most tractors or most other vehicles it’s the driver who exceeds the speed limit though almost all tractor etc manufactures put labels in the cabs of UK tractors telling the driver the speed limit is 20mph on public roads.
  9. Imagine doing the American version of the UK i.e. states along with the county’s within, or 50 states and 3140 county’s
  10. in the UK the max GTW is 24390kg (24 ton, 24.39 tonne, 26.88 short/US ton), the trailer GVW can be up to 18290kg (18 ton, 18.29 tonne, 20.16 ton short/US) for ALL agri tractors/mogs/fastrac. Your tractor, mog, fastrac may say more on the data plate, but if it’s registered as an agricultural tractor in the UK the above is the limit the law allows.
  11. if i recall it says it has a 400kg nose weight, which is 250kg more than a land rover can take, it is also more than the knott tow hitch on the IW trailer can handle!
  12. How “compact” a “compact tractor” are we talking, given to me a “compact tractor” is a scaled down proper tractor with the features you would find on a full-size agricultural tractor, as opposed to something that is more of a glorified lawn-tractor/mower.
  13. Well that’s at least one thing. though they are supposed to be fitted in the day, as the headlight forms part of the mandatory “visual warning device” to warn others of its presence in conjunction or instead of the “audible warning device” A horn is no good to deaf road users!
  14. It’s all relative, but not all PTO stump grinder are created equal or for that matter put on equal tractors. You need to consider the tractors HP and hydraulic pressure/flow output, its weight and its lift capacity vs. that of the stump grinders requirements, if your tractor is at the bottom end of the stump grinders requirements it is never going to have the same work rate as a tractor that matches the top end of the stump grinders requirements.
  15. Wow, I am surprised a PVE/ VOSA man hasn’t stopped that Unimog and given it an immediate PG9 prohibition for lighting defects and lack of forwards projection markers. FYI: post 1988 vehicles that left the factory with lights fitted or that retain light switches cannot claim “for day time use only” to cover the absence or obstruction of mandatory lighting – noting that high speed agri vehicles the commercial vehicle lighting regulations apply.


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