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  1. Are they the mark 1 or mark 2 models you use
  2. Hi guys, im interested in the quality of the new range of husqvarna saws. I’ve used the old ones for years and have the opportunity to buy older models and see no reason why not. Sure all saws are as good as the chain is sharpened but I’m not convinced that all this electrical carb stuff and usb, WiFi Bluetooth nonsense is actually going to help the saw do a better cut. Would be really interested in opinions on new and old saws of any models. Cheers
  3. I would also agree just decked all my saws with new bars and had them sent to holland and arrived in no time at all, very prompt to reply to mails and had a. Great experience dealing with them. Will definitely be using them again.
  4. The original scotty srt had a pulley in the elastic to the pantin I think. I've got the system and use it srt and double rope and works well on both. I used a small sling from a croll and thicker elastic to create more tension. The scotty system would have been a huge hit if it was years later and didn't use the traxion but it was a great system. I'm sure there was a you tube video of it and a thread on here about it.
  5. Logjam why you prefer the steins, be interesting to see what you think of them as I'm gonna be getting a second pair soon and could be swayed.
  6. I use planner ones, they come with a gaiter on the ones I got which stop all the stuff going in your boots. Really good trouser, my first pair fell apart but the last pair I got have been a good set of workers.
  7. Got any more info mate? Have you done this before? Sounds like a laugh
  8. My fiancée uses a petzl sequoia and has no issues but she doesn't climb every day. Edelrid do a new harness that looks like it could be good. Get to the local supplier or a show and have a go in the ones you like. I know some stalls and shops have women working who will be able to help.

    <p>Hi Ben, Not sure if you got my message yesterday. I am going through the process of having a Management Plan drawn up at the moment. I am not intending to fell lots of trees, just the odd one when required etc. Would you be interested in felling a one off tree as and when required. I would like to keep the timber because I and my two Sons all have log burners. It would just be a felling operation, I could cut the tree up when on the ground.</p>

    <p> </p>




  10. Open...............ipad autocorrect.
  11. I'm in that kind of area and got done after Xmas such a on. Hope you either get it back or get payed out for it. Keep my eyes pen for them though.
  12. Just brought a new set of carbons after my last were ran over, wouldn't use anything else, tidy gig.
  13. I got two lengths from treeworker can't remember the cost though give me a ring and see what they say.
  14. What websites are you guys using to look for machines of any king really I'm guessing if your buying you have done the research and would have some good links. Not meaning to derail your thread I would just find it useful. Thanks


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