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  1. well that's 3 of us, ill be off to my barn in a bit so ill send through some pics with the tag and the tag is there. it came in a original box with the manuals and all the other bits but to be honest how hard is a box and manual to make after ripping off a saw. it does have a decompression valve at the top. ill get all the photos today when I go there. was planning on taking another one of my new stock and get it tuned up before I run it in but I won't bother if they are knock offs.
  2. I ran it in on aspen, im in Germany and for some jobs I need a eco fuel as mental as it is. ill have a look at the fuel pipes. cheers
  3. hello, so I laid my hands on some new 372xp's and started using the first one in September I did the normal running in and it was going fine. the last job before xmas I had to cut a walnut stump down and for some reason the saw started to bog down and then died, I managed to finish the stump with another saw but had to start the 372 with a full throttle drop start to get it going. has anyone had anything like this and as yet I've not taken the saw off the shelf and will do today so if you know what this is it would be good to know. the guy I got the saws from had them sitting on the shelf for three years not used and the av mounts were brittle so needed replacing (only learned this as they broke) can anyone advise what else I should look at on a new saw that's not been started but sat on a cold shelf for years. lots of questions here, I hope I've answered some of them with what ive provided but happily will answer anymore or just humble me with my mechanical inability. tia, ben
  4. interesting thread, I've been looking at putting a deposit on a machine next year. I was 100% on the avant and now that has slightly slipped because I've heard of people saying 'bits fall off' but when I know people with them they love them but I always ask what else they have tried and never had a good comparison. im still going to probably get a avant because I want the timber grab so I can easily move the bits on site I need too. but has anyone actually any experience on both machines, and besides the plastic covers what do people think to the handling, ability and durability of these machines. thanks for the posts was nice to read
  5. I was looking into this earlier in the year and had used the sugihara and the tsumara bars over the last years so tried the cannon ones on my bigger saws. they are still running and running fine, I shelled out for the more pricey option (titanium) but when lugging the big fellas about it definitely helps quite a lot. I will not be going back to the older bars anytime soon I can't really say but I do prefer the cannon. I have no complaints about the bars or the service or anything as yet with these guys. I also purchased from chainsawbars.co.uk and they do know their stuff.
  6. cheers for the replies guys, I'm definitely not sold on the new saws compared to the older because the older ones were made to last a lot longer and were made to endure and now its all electrics and stuff they just aren't as good as they were. I've worked for a few guys with 550's and they do just die after a year or so of good use, I'm still using 192t's, 390's, 395's and 372'S. these saws are still going and sure have their downsides but also work great. I have a lot of repairs to do on the horizon because recently I've been getting a lot of bigger feelings to do and in January its much the same. I would say though that this seems to be the way togo and maybe to restore a few older saws would not be a bad idea. appreciate all the thoughts and opinions it was good to read.
  7. hi guys, so I'm on the fence really, my climbing saw and big ground saws are sorted and catered for but now I'm after the middle of the range saws, I've been looking into getting a husqy 550 & 560 but I can't bring myself to waste my money because I know its investing in a load of rubbish. I've searched my local area and some 357xp are on the market for a good price. so my question is, if I buy a couple of 357's and then they die in a few years how easy is a engine rebuild on these guys. id saw my mechanic abilities are middling and have a good % of tools to do the job but am I naive or is this just a time and patience game? will appreciate any feed back and if its positive ill head off and go spend the kids xmas money on a way to pass the time. tia ben
  8. jarnii

    workshop manuals

    cheers guys, I've found places to download the manuals but I need to sign up and I hate all the junk in the inbox after a signup so was hoping for a short cut to the freeones yer the saws are great, I learned to fell with them and have a reasonable understanding on fixing most normal bits and just can't bring myself to get a saw I need a computer to fix. thanks for the replies ill keep searching and have a snoop at the l&s guys.
  9. hi guys, I recently got my hands on some new 372,390,395 and 3120xp saws (I have a receipt). they all fired up and worked good but seem to have been sat in a box in a shed for 6 years and for some unknown reason the antivib bolts have started to shear off so two saws need replacing and a few other small bits too. where can I download the pdfs for the workshop manuals so I can get the right parts and always be able to fix these guys myself? if you have bothered to read this far I also need some new carburettors for some of my older guys and have seen a whole lot of new Chinese rip offs so are there any companies to avoid and any you can recommend would be great. thanks for reading and for any help you can give. ben
  10. Are they the mark 1 or mark 2 models you use
  11. Hi guys, im interested in the quality of the new range of husqvarna saws. I’ve used the old ones for years and have the opportunity to buy older models and see no reason why not. Sure all saws are as good as the chain is sharpened but I’m not convinced that all this electrical carb stuff and usb, WiFi Bluetooth nonsense is actually going to help the saw do a better cut. Would be really interested in opinions on new and old saws of any models. Cheers
  12. I would also agree just decked all my saws with new bars and had them sent to holland and arrived in no time at all, very prompt to reply to mails and had a. Great experience dealing with them. Will definitely be using them again.
  13. The original scotty srt had a pulley in the elastic to the pantin I think. I've got the system and use it srt and double rope and works well on both. I used a small sling from a croll and thicker elastic to create more tension. The scotty system would have been a huge hit if it was years later and didn't use the traxion but it was a great system. I'm sure there was a you tube video of it and a thread on here about it.


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