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  1. Hal


    Thanks for the insights
  2. Hal


    Is there any funding for the Tickets or do you have to pay for them all?
  3. Hal

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    they are wonderful lil soppy thinggs! im thinking of getting another one soon
  4. Hal


    I live on pizza and chinese, chocolates, lucozades and i never leave my room without polos.. seriously I cant remember what an apple tastes like as its been so long eating anything healthy..
  5. I really hope he makes a quick recovery soon I find that 55mins is ridiculous for an ambulance to arrive
  6. Hal

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    This is sam who died a year ago... i really miss him as I grew up with him (He was a bit soppy and always protected me) not very good piccies as my other ones are on my other computer 4 hours away so will post them up when i get the chance
  7. either Barony or myerscough
  8. hahaha thats hilarious!
  9. she didnt even notice the bag went off.. so funny! this vid has made me smile after a rubbishy day, thanks
  10. oohh thanks :wave: Im Hal (Hayley), im 18 and im stuck doing the ND in Countryside Management but hoping to be a trainee soon wow theres some mint smileys!! i like this one:pepsi: my friends computer does that to her
  11. Im thinking of doing this course next year and was wondering if anyone on here has been on the NC in Arboriculture (any college) and also has it been useful preparing your knowledge in this area? Whats everyone opinions on National Certificates? thanks for reading this Hal


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