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  1. I didnt mean we wouldnt be here, as in the human race, I meant we wouldnt be here on the internet discussing trees haha (or did I)
  2. "when the bow breaks" "it's not always this glamorous" "just tie my flask on, dickhead"
  3. Someone who works on a day rate is always gonna do the maths in their head about what they are on an hour, so if you give someone £50 cash and they only do 5 hours one day they will be on £10 pph, they will be so thrilled at this vast amount that they wont notice the rest of the week doing ten hour slogs for £5 pound an hour, haha. I guess its swings and roundabouts because of jobs differing. You cant start at 8 and finish at 4 in this job.
  4. Ive spoke to a lot of customers and no-one can believe that if you have a chainsaw, you can actually care about trees. How wrong. Ive talked people out of felling and "topping" trees, loosing money on some accounts, but like it was mentioned, without trees we wouldnt be here.
  5. I know that anyone can buy a chainsaw but i was specifically talking bout Top handled saws. I was merely babbling a load of rubbish that was going through my head at the time, haha. It just got to me when i saw an advert on ebay saying "one handed chainsaw, very rare, designed to be used up a tree while holding on with the other hand, try doing this with a normal saw and risk chopping your leg off", I couldnt believe it. Im running 2x 2003 MS200t's and an older 020t as back up. I nearly bought a 2005 model off ebay but then Im choosy about who I hand my money over to. haha. I thought that Stihl dealerships had to log your certificate number when you bought a tophandle saw???
  6. You may have to bear with me on this as it may sound or seem long winded but it is something i have pondered over for a while. I am proud of the hard work and training I have put in to get where I am today and Im proud of the fact that I am able to purchase a Stihl ms200t (or similar Haha) climbing saw because of my tickets. But it seems that every single day a generic online auction site has yet another tophandled saw up for grabs to any tom, dick or for that matter harry. These saws are regularly seen advertised as "designed for one handed use, very rare , etc etc" which would make them seem like quite the buisness. But it got me thinking about the reasons we have to be trained to be able to buy them and the fact that HSE must have something to with that. It also got me thinking that the more people who sell top handled saws second hand, the more "NUMPTYS" out there will own them , the more potential accidents there will be, so hence the more dangerous this specific tool of our trade will appear to governing bodys etc. So it may come a time when they will not manufacture top handled saws or not even let us climb to do the job we love. I know this is far fetched and probably ridiculous but it was on view i had on MS200t's being sold on ebay. Anyone got any others???
  7. There seems to be a massive shortage of qualified, competent, fast and safe Climbers in the east of yorkshire, which is why i went self employed. When I subby I charge myself out at £25 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. Or £150 cash for all day. (£180 if they want a bill hehe). Thats using all my own gear apart from fuel haha.
  8. 3/8 with 15" bar for me aswell. all round work horse of a saw. Love it.
  9. My 6 year old son has had to show me the ways. haha no joke
  10. Hey there, new 2 this world wide web type thingy.
  11. "It'll be right" "sweet baby jesus" "heads up" "Can't see it from my house" "That's what she said"


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