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  1. BrendonV

    What chipper

    Inrecently went from a woodsman to a bandit. Should of done it from the start. Quality build, chips like a monster, and e support is great.
  2. BrendonV

    Anyone made an Arbor. Trolley

    I had the tires and rims i saved from a tractor at the dump. I bought two lengths of aluminum, total probably spent around $200 us dollars. It looks big in the pics for some reason, but its the same measurements as a trolley, minus the tires being bigger. I might swap them out but for now its fine.
  3. BrendonV

    Anyone made an Arbor. Trolley

    I made one out of aluminum. Its great when we use it.
  4. BrendonV

    Channel Trailer

    Was just thinking the other day how reg hasnt had any new videos. Looking forward to more!
  5. BrendonV

    What have you bought yourself for xmas?

    Purchased and installed winch kit for chipper.
  6. BrendonV

    Who does radio headsets.

    It routes inside the helmet, comes with velcro sticky, but i replaced with strong double sided tape.
  7. BrendonV

    Who does radio headsets.

    Fyi if you buy the remote mic kit wi the senas you can mount it on the back. Very well balanced too, no drilling either.
  8. BrendonV

    Hollow silver maple

    Nice ben. Had to be cake with the terex!
  9. BrendonV

    Langford, Fir removal

    Great pics, Reg. I really wonder what good a bucket truck is out that way. Curious about wood. What does Scotty Tree do with all the larger limb wood and trunk wood.
  10. BrendonV


    Thats an awesome machine. Nothing like that here in the states. Looks like it can pull firewood from thinning operations very nicely.
  11. BrendonV

    Top this

    That's a nice unit, even in pink!
  12. BrendonV

    201 reviews

  13. BrendonV

    201 reviews

    I've got a new in box 200t in my closet. It's really going to take some doing to open it up, I don't think I ever can!
  14. BrendonV

    201 reviews

    I have not seen the 661 yet. Although that could be because I have not been in the saw shop in months.
  15. BrendonV

    post your motorbikes

    Haha, I can't ride it yet. We still have snow on the ground! Probably another month until the ground is fit for riding. Gives me time to do some upgrades, until then it looks lovely next to the TV!


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