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  1. The axe is from Finland, i have used a tire for splitting for 6 years maybe and it works perfect with the Gränsfors large splitting axe that i use, it's saves allot of time from not picking up the wood after each hit and if you can walk around the stump and swing tha axe at the same time the speed will be wicked But you must have a axe with broad cheaks so it does'nt get stock in the wood after each hit, i have tested a bunch of axes including Fiskars splitting axes but the did wedge them self in the wood to easy, the Gränsfors get stuck allso but not near as much as the Fiskars !! Give this tire thing a chance and you will wonder why you did not do years ago way faster then a splitter in the right sized wood !!
  2. swe#kipp

    the new 357!!!

    There is a clip of it running,, though the saw is a bit beaten up after falling out of bucket truck [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXbmpm4h6t8&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Prototype Husqvarna 560 Xp Chainsaw[/ame]
  3. sigma got a 18-135 with hsm and os that is supposed to be good for the money, canon got one with that focal length to but not with usm (hsm) !! I got a canon 17-85 on my 7D but would like a 70-200 to compliment it
  4. swe#kipp

    346XP any good.

    The 550xp/xpg will replace it, it's a new stratocharged saw like the 576xp !!
  5. swe#kipp

    346XP any good.

    Get the 346 while you can Husky will stop selling them at the end of this year !!!
  6. It's hard to go back to regular once you start to run Aspen in your saws
  7. The fuel changing problem that i have seen is mostly with saws that been run for many years with regular gas and 35-40:1 mix ! A friend have a 357xpg etech and runs what gas he gets his hands on regular or aspen it all goes in the saw and it still lives and runs fine after three years. Personally i'm a bit more careful and only runs aspen in all my saws, hedgecutters and trimmers ! The saws are woodsported and looks like new inside despite the abuse they get
  8. Josh are you going to do any work anywere near Falun or Borlänge ??
  9. A muffler modded NE346xpg or a woodsported dito would be my choice, i sold my 357xpg after i had the 346 ported it now beats a std 357xpg but is much lighter
  10. Nice looking Lion got two of them myself !!
  11. Were in Sweden are you working ?? "Helan Går" is part of a drinking song
  12. swe#kipp

    Bottle jacks

    yes they are super nice
  13. swe#kipp

    Bottle jacks

    Bailey's - Wedges & Accessories > Tree Jacks A bit costly ,,,
  14. Targettrees when you learn how to squarefile you will have a hard time using anything else, i even been trying to square some .325 RS chain Good luck and have fun in the learning process !!!


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