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    <p>The oak at windermere is out and waiting to go. Do you want it or should i move it on? </p>

    <p>The oak at rusland is acoming outin the first week of August, do you still want that or shall I move that on as well?</p>





  2. James,

    I've softwood coming to roadside processor size logs, its in the south lakes so haulage is about £300 +vat for a wagon load (circa 25 ton). i'll send you a text when I'm out and have signal tomorrow.


  3. Yep, done the Haute route a couple of times now, had some mixed weather - stuck in huts and dodging avalanches the next day or playing crevasse pooodle on the end of a rope with vis at about 10'. But then cruising into town under the Eiger is just ace.

  4. Hey up,

    Bad news - the felling contract for LDNPA fell thru for various reasons. Have still got the Syc at Haverthwaite, just waiting for driver to come back from Hols. If you are still looking for firewood, I know That Stu Cole has a contract turning out about 750 tons of Beech / Ash from the Duddon, not sure if he has buyers for it all yet - most of is still standing!!. I'll let you know if anything else comes up.



  5. Sounds like a cracker, will keep looking - are Nissan doing the 90K engine warranty for all their earlier models (was looking for 2006 or later to avoid the poor engines). What is she rated to pull?, I could do with 3 ton.

  6. Richard,

    Where did you get the "new to you" Navara? Was it a god deal and how do you like it?


  7. Post some photos and I can compare with the last fleaby one, which was mint but only one bar & chain, and I think about what I've got to spend.



  8. Will put that availability in the mix, might suit them (something psychological about not being out doing trees for 6 weeks straight leaves them with the idea that they have some level of control!?!). No trees 2 morra, no takers for it till weds am, but got some volunteer bitches Iceman and Daddy maddy (soon to be known as Moo Moo - his pet name at home) for when the work starts. You're working on Weds if I remember. Got a date for the week you're playing with Uncle Steven?

  9. Go on then, What about March?


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