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  1. Its my understanding that all the engines are run in the factory on a jig there is a you tube video showing the process ( if ive done this right ?? ) start at 1:30 )
  2. as I've now taken my LOLER training id like to add the following information to assist A read of the NPTC QUALIFICATION GUIDANCE would be a must and id recommend to any one in our industry. Any technical data you can find and probably have those leaflets attached to any climbing gear that normally get binned when bought new. Be open minded add don't assume that what you've been doing up to now is gospel ive learnt a huge amount whilst on my LOLER course and 50% has been correcting what I assumed I knew already. As a final note Rob Blake of Blake training I personally would highly recommend.
  3. Can anyone add to this as I'm due to do my loller inspectors course next month
  4. As titled I've been enrolled on a pti course unexpectedly so feel I need to brush up does anyone have any recommendations for swatting up to try to save some embarrassment. Many thanks in advance

    <p>Hey you still looking for places to off load unwanted wood </p>



  6. Treegeek

    Saw tuning

    I follow a chap from us calls his saw snellerized something to do with his surname ?? I have a spare 346 I'd like to have as a hot saw blocking down stems (climbing work) There's a video of this guy's work on a 346 with 357 carb and inlet manifold ported etc seems to run really well that's the kind of thing I was thinking of.
  7. Treegeek

    Saw tuning

    After having a couple of saws tuned up can anyone share positive feedback about where I can get this done ?? Many thanks
  8. Eco behind hurt airport, beware if your head down this way traffic is nuts major roadworks on the main dual carriageway into the area.
  9. sounds familiar might have been in the Arb Ass mag
  10. Does anyone recall what magazine featured a big job where trees where being dismantled on a steep hill side in Devon I think and they used a very large mobile crane to lift prepared stems involved lots of organization road closure etc etc , thanks in advance
  11. Register your interest at treekit there was talk of them running one if numbers where there
  12. To all & stubby I put my hands up and freely admit I'm poor in the organisation department but never intended to stitch anyone and miker only commented in my defence as he's a true gent as is stubby again thanks to stubby as the saw is now running with the donor parts and miker
  13. I had this issue arise at a firm I worked for I was rigging a tree the department supervisor turned up on site went nuts cos I was using a karabiner on the end of rigging line ??? After many heated debates they conceded as long as its within limits and use correctly which is the same for.any system. At the end of the day if your using a system you shouldn't be oblivious to its limitations
  14. I once worked with a old school joined he had a mallet made of apple swore by Apple for mallets


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