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  1. Thanks you lot. T'was a brew-less day but enjoyable none the less.
  2. Get on with your work you two!
  3. Oi Benny Boy, make sure that you get some pics of the local totty.......the board walk should be packed this weekend with the weather up in the 80s now. In fact mate, I'll even come down with Loco and the rest of the boys and scout out the local talent for ya. You know how good Roberto is at that!
  4. I remember them well mate, used to use them back in the day when I was in the army cadets at school. They're still popular over here....and really expensive too!
  5. Looks like a FN FAL 7.62X51.....also known as an SLR. One of the first 'real' rifles I ever fired. GREAT piece of kit.....
  6. alllll rriiiiggghhhttt geeeeeezzzzzer hows things across the pond going ? hope all is well mate .not seen benny boy for a while is he due to to visit you soon? all is well over here apart from bloody ash cloud lol speak soon fella ,swedish:-)

  7. I flatly refuse to employ young 'white boys' (as the Latinos call 'em) over here. About as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike they are. Mistahben is the only non-Latino who worked for me that could hack it and keep up.
  8. Unreal. WTF is happening over there? When will it end? Or is it just the way it is now? Something has to change.
  9. Nice one Benny Boy!! See ya next month.....the women of NY await your return.
  10. Parts of the south shore of Long Island were destroyed, spent the first day just cutting our way into my mother in laws town....so many trees down!! The guys have been pulling 14-15 hour days and my phone is gonna melt if it keeps ringing as much....
  11. We got hamered by a crazy strong storm here last weekend. For those of you old farts here who were in the biz way back in 1987, its like that here now...only worse. Have a look here at the bottom of the page....The Official Work Pictures Thread - Page 824 - The #1 HARDCORE arborist forum, bar, and grill - Enjoy the buffet and libations!
  12. Get some sleep mate........you're gonna need it!


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