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  1. check out the Fsi range available through Spectrum Plant. www.stump-grinders.com
  2. How about a Brand New Timberwolf TWPTO150H. from £32 per week to buy?
  3. bazbro

    Yams 2017

    Anyone going to YAMS? http://www.yams-uk.com We are there so come and say hello. regards, Baz
  4. is the petersen one the better one then? which model?
  5. check out Kyloe woods Nr Holy Island on the coast. Its a marvellous walk on hard surface with an old disused sawmill in the middle. I used to maintain this through scottish woodlands. There are some spectacular stands of sequoia. check this out: woodlandheritage.org - Visit to Kyloe Wood in Northumberland
  6. Are there any sawmillers in Yorkshire with Lucas or Petersen sawmills that I can come and see how they work? Who is the guru that I need to speak to?

    <p>Hi, where are you based and where are the contracts?</p>

    <p>are you talking bare root planting or tubes etc?</p>


  8. Check out : Bed and Breakfast Northumberland | Pub Lowick | Accommodation in Northumberland | The White Swan Inn good food good stay good crack.family run pub with rooms close by to Holy island, St cuthberts way, etc at the end of the village is Kyloe woods, this is 100o acre woodland that is like a mini "canada" due to the size and vast quantities of monumental trees. Monumental trees in Kyloe Wood in Belford Redwood World: Belford - Kyloe Wood (Northumberland) This is where the you can see some of the original Leylandii trees. History | Leylandii There is a tarmac road right through the wood but there is no vehicular access allowed. There are scattered old sawmill buildings within the wood to explore and a few shooting bothys dotted throughout. A fantastic place to escape for an afternoon. I used to work in the woods carrying out silviculture works. a magic place not know by many. regards, Baz
  9. I had carpal tunnel , tingling hands etc for years. I eventually went to a Tuina massage therapist and undertook an intensive week of treatment. I have not had any recurrence of the problem. check out Tuina massage on the tinterweb and check out this video. [ame] [/ame] I hope this helps. Baz
  10. Hi Guys, Have you heard of the uuni 2 pizza oven? Looks like a very good cheap alternative to messy barbecues. check out this link and alternatives or opinions please? Wood-fired oven for pizza and beyond
  11. One of the most questions that I get asked , in sales of ride on mowers, is "does it cut in the wet". There are several things that you should be watching for when cutting grass and with a 33" machine with a 13hp engine is limited to small gardens with not a lot of height to cut. In horsepower terms , petrol rideons range from approx 7hp to 26hp with the better power being 16hp and above. The blade should cut grass at the front of the deck so the deck should be set slightly lower at the front. Cut grass averages around 1 1/2 inches height after its been cut and most rideon decks go up to 4 inches height of cut. So the deck should only be cutting 2 1/2 inches of grass. When the deck is cutting it should be moving up and down slightly so as to "gulp" air to aid the airflow under the deck and to stop the blade from blocking. The decks must be kept absolutely clean in order to stop the old grass blocking on the underside and restricting the flow.Some decks have deck wash facilities fitted to help this. If you have a friend who has another mower for you to try or a local JD dealer, ask them for a demo of an X series machine to see how they do the above.
  12. Ive looked at Swann (maplins)as they have have some good add ons. check out this system, http://www.swann.com/uk/video/index/index/video_id/os4g-0146vU/
  13. We have a 2004 TW150DHB £7k + vat or 2012 TW190TDHB £10,500 +vat any of these match watch your after?
  14. We have a demo TW230DHB machine now Ian, let me know if you want a demo?
  15. If anyone who went to the CLA this weekend buys a Timberwolf Chipper before end September 2015 from me through RFS , I will knock the entrance fee off the price agreed. Providing of course you can prove you went ...Ian!


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