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  1. My old backup Entec 30dh from 97 has identical top and bottom rollers spline drives in the rollers. Can I swap out the bottom spline drive to the deeper 46mm one as at the moment the hydraulic motor sits proud of the roller box using what looks like a 6mm shim due to the drive shaft being to long for the motor to fit in the recess on the roller box. Im not sure if that was the original design but I need to replace the bottom worn spline drive and just think it would be more secure and supported fitted in that recess. Thanks.
  2. Looks like a PITA being close those new looking panels. I usually put a small piece of sheet steel against the fence in case the grinder catches it and to stop mud from covering it. Ideally slide all the panels out and don't grind through the posts.
  3. Ahh great ! thats good to hear ! I'm gonna order one then...how any one can endure prolonged spiking using standard side rings is beyond me...
  4. Are those lower d shackles which connect the bridge on the latest tree Austria 3.2 designed to be clipped into for spiking down/lanyard use? My old tree Austria 2 has the lower d rings which I find way more comfortable . If not I think i'll just get another Austria 2.
  5. Bit of an elephant in the room moment ... Im sure when the dust settles and the police have issued an crime number for their insurers, all will be resolved !
  6. I know Partridge would fit in well but....Steve Coogan would never wanna go back on top gear. After the Mexican ('lazy, feckless and flatulent) slur some time back I remember him being on C4 news absolutely slating all the presenters and the program...he wasn't happy ! There is noooo way he'll ever have anything to do with the program, ever.
  7. 0% finance on most products usually means you pay an inflated price to start with to offset the cheaper price you could have got had you paid cash or shopped around.
  8. If you live in an old house with solid walls, the heat just gets sucked straight out of them in a big way. Ive dry-lined most of my outside facing walls with celotex backed plasterboard and the cheaper thermaline stuff you can get from wickes. The difference isnt just huge...its MASSIVE. So if you want your burners to heat your whole house and the heat to remain I can recommend it.
  9. The lighter stitching on some of the tool loops on the back has started to give, not critical, but its defiantly a sign to replace sooner than later !
  10. Its a really tough harness and very comfortable to wear...thats why I'm after another. Mine is pretty worn, though i think the UV rays have finally knackered it. Ive had it for over 6 yrs! so cant complain
  11. Everywhere seems to have the 3's and 3.2's , but I prefer the older design with low down d rings for lanyard attachment.-way more comfortable than waist rings. Hope they still sell it !
  12. well its not on the MID database as being insured ...what a surprise !
  13. I remember telling Trust I was thinking of not renewing el+pl+tool insurance after 10 yrs and no claims with them. Their attitude was surprisingly unpleasant and unprofessional. i.e slating competitors and questioning my own judgement. These day I always shop around and although I think some of their staff should go on a customer relations course I have since gone back to them to insure my tipper - as they were the cheapest ! My advice is to shop around - but only if you want to save some money, and use your own judgement as for every person who says a company pays out, there is always someone else who says they got stiffed. They all wanna be your "Best Mate" ..until the premiums stop!
  14. You need to vent your spleen with the guy in question - whoever he is...Arbtalk in'st the European Court Of Human Rights ! Though personally I could never let something like this go. Putting is down to experience sounds abit lame but just remember if you get no redress... Revenge is a dish best served cold


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