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  1. Old saw!!

    This is a Teles OM. They do look kind of funny and were perhaps a bit conservative in design at the time but functional saw. Brittich saws were not on cutting edge when it came to design, but wonderful saws! The aim at the time was not on design it was functionality and cost efficient. Here is a couple more. Chainsaw Collectors.se • View topic - Teles(OM) One-Man saw
  2. Elmia woods is just south of Jönköping/Husqvarna, Sweden Here is web page of event: Elmia Wood | Elmia We (All Chainsaw Collectors Internationally) have been invited to attend the show and display/run old saws on this show! It is the biggest woods show in the world as far as I know and the highlight of the industry every 4 years. I talked to a couple more here and we decided to go for it and make a big collectors meeting of it. This is something pretty unique and a opportunity like this we can not pass up. This will be a big event that will go in to the history books! Any chainsaw collector that wish to participate in this is very welcome to come and display saws with us. I hope we get many collectors to come and contribute what they can. :thumbs: Here is a link to the thread on CSCF: Chainsaw Collectors.se • View topic - Elmia Woods Show 2013 Hope it is OK I post this here, Steve.
  3. HI mmagnus have you got a mf chainsaw for sale thanks jon

  4. Clutch spring.

    It is a very common clutch used on a bunch of other consumer grade saws. Should not be to hard to find, I think all dealer would be able to get it if they don't have.
  5. husqvarna 268

    61, 66 were made in multiple versions.
  6. husqvarna 268

    Intro dates, not all were sold every were, but model came of production : 162 1975 61 1977 66 1978 266 1981 268 1987 272 1990
  7. husqvarna 268

    272 is the big brother in a large family originated from the 162. 162, 61, 66, 266, 268, 272
  8. husqvarna 268

    They are much like 272. same cover and airfilter.
  9. If vent is shut it will start and run until it can't pump fuel anymore and die. There should be a positive pressure in tank, never negative. Of with cap so it gets neutral or Atmosphere pressure. Back in with it and it should start. There are tank vent in some form on all saws.
  10. vintage chainsaws

    I am just a small fish in the pond. I try to have all complete. Some I just must try and hear others I am afraid to mess up so they sit and look beautiful.
  11. vintage chainsaws

    A little under 1000. All carefully listed and dokumented as best I can. In collection I think there is about 650. It is hard to draw a line to what part of collection it is. Parts I need or saw in collection...
  12. vintage chainsaws

    Nope. I never get enough saws!
  13. vintage chainsaws

    Oldest I have in collection is the Dolmar CL from 1939. First in line here: I ran out of walls to put shelvs on...
  14. husky 254 decomp ?

    It was optional. Dealers and distributors ordered the saws with or without decomp.
  15. setting the raker depth

    The higher the raker is the thinner the curly wood will be. If it is thin it can curl up and fill the distance between cutter and raker. Raker is set to low it will be aggressive and chop of instead of cut out. It will be a stick that cover 30-40% of the space. It will also create un needed powerloss, vibrations, wear and heat. Often low rakers are a substitute for a sharp tooth, but is really not doing much good. When I set the rakers I look at the saws power, job it is going to do and what wood it will cut. I meassure by eye with a flat file across three teeth and look at space between raker and file. Some were between 0,3 and 0,8mm is usually my settings. I file it so it has a point in back that will wear of. Never tuch the rakers unless needed, usually just before chain is half filed out.


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