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  1. Didn’t someone just post that vid at the beginning of the thread
  2. It could have had a defect in it too. It wasn’t me personally that day. The ring idea would be great but you’d need a massive sling if you wanted to fit in a half hitch. Just butt tying a bit of beech is risky
  3. I’ve used two bollards a fair bit for doing large limbs or double rigging. But on a spar it would have to be identical otherwise it would favour one rope over the other. I like the M rig snatching idea. But I reckon your right that maybe a ring would be better than a pulley. I guess I’m considering those times when it gets low and fat without much room to let it run. Afraid I haven’t got the luxury of choosing which ropes the company buys. Hope your well too Carl. I’ve just arrived home
  4. I saw one of reg’s videos with two pulleys two ropes and the seperate bollards for snatching. A 16mm line was snapped in the past. So could this be avoided by doubling up. Rope on rope is a no no, but if they’re running at the same speed can they both go off the same bollard. I’m assuming that would be a disaster. We have a couple of grcs’s and a number of flying capstans. Any configuration ideas that doesn’t involve buying a double bollard?
  5. some people have had problems in getting through to me via my irish number (i just contract here) so if you want to talk to the organ grinder rather than the monkey please ring niels on +491719315981
  6. Looking for experienced climbers eg. competent at quality reductions, technical felling, fine pruning. For the winter season October to March. Truck license a bonus. Company is fluent in English. Possibility for accomodation depending on timing. Rate dependent on ability. 2 week trial. Please PM if interested
  7. 15th of march I've been told for delivery and its $200.
  8. any link on how to tie that, been looking for that knot for awhile
  9. thats quite clever, not sure why everyone skipped past it. not that I'm always worried about weighting the limb i want to redirect off, but i don't like that precarious period while off your line. I'm assuming thats just using your lanyard . my only problem is that it means another thing to have on my harness. you could probably tie a blakes or something similar with just your lanyard. even though the biner might make that difficult
  10. im afraid i haven't got the luxury of a uni, i spent a long time considering it. i stuck to the lj wrench combo in the end. doesn't take that long to take off but i try to avoid it. i avoid top ties unless doing removals or passing back over the top. those mid line anchors or good but then you also have to make sure the end is always with you if you stray off the intended course. im a hard man to please. i'll give this cambium saver idea a go, when i get the right tree and get back to you
  11. id agree with all your points, a straight line below your srt set up is a lot more important than it is with ddrt, so doing tricks with the end of your line can upset the fluidity of the climb. i did however pull my set up through a fork today. it was reasonably close, so worth the risk. i wouldn't use a retrievable up the tree(as everyone seems to agree on), as you can take obscure routes with srt or just easily go back up where it is slow i find is the process of raising your basal anchor TIP. on those straight up busy trees. rather than trying to push all your gear through the fork on the final point. i more often than not just whack a sling in and go back up later, but thats inefficient thats where a ground retrievable would be handy. i guess that would be considered more similar to a cambium saver than a redirect
  12. thanks craig, seen that one before looks far too involved to seem worth while, used to use the similar system with Ddrt. but the fact that srt is easier for going up id probably never bother. BenR,i was discussing your style with the moving of rope around the tree the other day. used to do the same with Ddrt the only benefit with that style was that you could pull it back to you if it didn't fit through the fork. do you ever get it stuck? what happens if you do get it stuck?
  13. id like to see some ideas for retrievable redirects as its not really been covered to my knowledge. id like to see what you use and when would you use it? i was toying with an idea of making one and my best solution was a crab and micro pulley on a short double spliced length of cord and a crab the other side. I've always just used natural redirects, or a sling for spots you return to. some of those smaller up down climbs where you just want to raise your anchor point without threading all your gear through the tree would be handy. any thoughts would be interesting


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