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  1. Butch, Is the TreeHouse Down? 10/25/09 10:39 PST.

  2. Thanks Jason, My friend Evan is going to Aus, Sydney. I forwarded him the link you provided. Evan is a wicked viking wizard of wood, fearless. And an animal for work.
  3. Hey there, I know I don't post here at ArbTalk as much as I'd love to.............. But.............. My friend is going to Sydney Australia and would love to climb and work. He's the wizard of wood, Great rigger, Great Faller, and an animal for work. He looks like a viking.
  4. Fun video, thanks for sharing.
  5. I spent 3 months and about 9,000 miles camping in the back of an 85 Subaru with a girl. Pretty rad.
  6. Bodean

    Which helmet cam?

    I'll post some vid if I buy one. So no one here has bought one of these or has nothing they can afford to share with a perusing purchaser? Thank you in advance. Not trying to derail anything.
  7. WoW, I haven't been here in awhile. Fresh out of college would be acceptable for the apprentice position. Though journeyman level experience 3 years would be: Tap those 8 numbered flags in that tree with your handsaw. Show me like 12 knots, start an 066, spike up that tree and set a block. Practical things I suppose we look for in Experience. The apprentice position should have at least a year of climbing exp. Sorry for the late response.
  8. Bodean

    Which helmet cam?

    So I got a 40% off coupon on the "go pro" helmet wide angle. Has anyone bought one of these? GoPro - Wearable Digital Cameras for Sports It's about $180, I don't know how many quids that makes.
  9. The video is gone, removed by user.
  10. Bodean


    I was a tow truck driver graveyard for a couple of years. She tipped me two free aura readings in Berkeley at the center of clairvoyancy. Trippy but fun, They gave me an audio cassette of the session.
  11. Must be 80 F today in San Francisco. HOT.
  12. I'm sorry Deb, Jesus, I thought I responded way earlier. They really didn't have the skill set, I think they were gardners wanting to try out for something else, So yes, experience. I've seen some young women at seminars here in California tattooed both sleeves footlocking and jamming through the tree. I'd love to work with a female climber. Just to see how they interpret and react to the daily dynamics of a tree crew. Manson, I work on the Pacific Ocean no less than a mile or two, sometimes up to the bluff/cliff/shore. Bottom Line, it's cool all year round. Further inland it's perfect. I've worn hoodies and jackets in August here in the city. Chaps? We call protective chainsaw pants, Chaps. Like Cowboy chaps. ummm, can't comment on that, I'm not sure where I stand with it. Cutting line/trail in chest deep scrub brush manzanits, Chaps for sure. Dumping a tree, probably mostly never. falling, bucking and limbing, Chaps for sure. I like the 28's. These green Forest Service chaps, about knee high. Climbing, I've never worn them in a tree. Chaps, Chaps. Though, one time I threw the chain off a 42" bar and caught the chain with my nuts full force, It made like a fist with razor nails clenched into a ball. California Dreaming for sure, all the way. Mate.
  13. Why yes, I did. Things were looking good before the rope guy (rookie) lost his nerve and threw the rope. Oh well.
  14. Some more Can't have all good views, here's a blunder of mine. ooops. I love that picture.
  15. The last picture is a pretty one. Yes, as a matter of fact, I am still out here. It's the Golden Gate through the trees of the Presidio.


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