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  1. Eddie, Been following the misery on twitter that machine is awsome and i love seeinb the pictures videos of it working. I sincerly hope the insurance see the machine for what it is. I cant imagine what it must be like to,see your pride and joy like that, Liebherr seem to be one hell of a profesional outfit from what you post many machinery manufacturers could learn from them. I was amazed to read your comment that they quote 3 weeks to repair. All the best and good luck Matt
  2. Flannerys have machines with thumbs and grabs. Derek Fitzgerald Plant Hire shepshed have machines and grabs for hire however being leicesterhire based the haulage could be prohibitive.
  3. Please do not do this. A twing eye is designed to be pulled along by the pjn but braked by the jaw not the pin. 30 and 40mm eyes are compatible with the dixon bate ball and pin hitch. They do clunk which is why people dont like them fit a reducing bush and you maybe in bother if pulled by vosa.
  4. Brightwells take all the ex environment agency ones
  5. Just reverse it on the back of your truck. Failing that if you cant reverese or dont 2ant to reverse it then how about a motor mover off a caravan.
  6. Ok mine started dripping on my works 110, dripping from the same place as yours, drove it for two days about 300 miles while waiting for dealer to book in by the time it got to them it was leaving a pool of oil the size of a saucer within 2mins of being stationary. Get it sorted.
  7. This may give some of you digger. Owners an idea or two!
  8. Led number plate light suitable for ifors I used em on mine 6 LED NUMBER PLATE LIGHT LICENCE LAMP WATERPROOF CAR VAN CAMPER TRUCK TRAILER | eBay
  9. Ben, Give CPP diesels in Loughborough a ring not sure if they do complete rebuilds but they are very good.
  10. Eddie! Your machine rocks!! Kicking myself for not buying the last earthmovers may to read more about it.
  11. Get a new head John, I think Turner Engineering do them quite reasonably
  12. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=329394343792993 Done my refreshers with Alan
  13. U never cease to amaze me!


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