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  1. Hi how are you ? Whats happened to landscaper ?

  2. Gavin Hodges

    husky 357 clutch drum

    Theres a plastic washer under the clutch hub which has got groves in that the splines on the hub sit in as the washer drives the oil pump. If you havnt lined these up right it will sit proud .
  3. Gavin Hodges

    Incinerators in tree surgery

    Dusty Bins having a rebuild as it was getting full of holes. Hopefully should be bigger when its done.
  4. Gavin Hodges

    Palax vs Dalen

    The Dalen is a good machine haven't had any trouble from it . We have done 2 seasons with it. Havent used any other make so cant compare it to any. We do 2cubic meter loads in about 20mins with it .
  5. Gavin Hodges

    General Tree pics

    Very nice it was to and the burgers were nice aswell.
  6. Gavin Hodges

    lister petter clutch

    try danequip they use lister engines
  7. Gavin Hodges

    Happy birthday Roller

    Happy Birthday
  8. Gavin Hodges

    Prize draw

    sent mine too
  9. Gavin Hodges

    Which tracked chipper ?

    We never had any trouble with Redwood shipped parts next day or fitter on site next day .
  10. Gavin Hodges

    Attention sawpod owners

    Thanks treejumper. And thankyou to sawpod got my fleece today
  11. Gavin Hodges

    Which tracked chipper ?

    £26 k thought theyed give you a foot plate to stand on like the jensen
  12. Gavin Hodges

    Lavoro boots

    They got on the net. Dont want another pair if they fail this quick !
  13. Gavin Hodges

    Attention sawpod owners

    Cheers did i win on default ?
  14. Gavin Hodges

    Another free prize draw; winner gives £50 to charity.

    count me in please steve
  15. Gavin Hodges

    Free Prize Draw

    Im in if its not to late


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