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    Large scale illegal forest felling

    I think someones going to be in trouble 🤔 https://uk.yahoo.com/news/residents-furious-after-developer-cuts-down-forest-before-applying-for-planning-permission-093126339.html
  2. Steve Bullman

    Why Did I bother!!!

    Sounds about right
  3. Steve Bullman

    Cedar ident

    Nope, just picus
  4. Steve Bullman

    Cedar ident

    Form doesn’t look right for a Lebanese but the cones dont seem right for an atlas. Opinions please?
  5. Steve Bullman

    Game of Thrones

    That was mint
  6. Steve Bullman

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    point of leverage aside, i'm wondering if a base tie could potentially give a better pull, specially when using mechanical assistance. Reason being you are using double the amount of rope, thats a lot of extra energy stored up when under tension.
  7. Steve Bullman

    Cedar ident

    No fruiting bodies and no decay either despite a massive wound
  8. Steve Bullman

    Cedar ident

    Atlas was my first thought but it doesn’t sit quite right for me
  9. Steve Bullman

    Saw milling directory

    Not interested in doing a UK one?
  10. Steve Bullman

    Large scale illegal forest felling

    Likewise. One for the pet peaves thread
  11. Steve Bullman

    The Chainsaw of the Future to Arrive in May

    The new STIHL MS 500i, the world’s first chainsaw with electronically controlled fuel injection and a never-before achieved power-to-weight ratio, will be available to forestry professionals in May 2019. Weighing only 6.2kg (only 0.2kg more than the STIHL MS 462 C-M), the STIHL injection technology (i) not only provides the chainsaw of the future with incredible torque, but also ensures rapid acceleration of the saw chain from 0 to 100 km/h in just 0.25 seconds. Thanks to the intelligent lightweight design, the MS 500i is also outstanding with the best ever power-to-weight ratio - 1.24 kilograms per kilowatt, an exemplarily low value never achieved before by series-manufactured chainsaws. Although light in weight, its performance is class leading, with 5.0 kW/ 6.8 hp, meaning this chainsaw is suited to felling large stands and timber harvesting. Together with the many additional design optimisations, there is a substantial increase in operator comfort. Low vibration and the reduction of gyroscopic forces provides the 80 cm³-class high-performance professional saw with dynamic manoeuvrability, which is a particular advantage during limbing. This makes the professional big timber harvester easy to handle in all disciplines - from felling to cutting timber to length. The MS 500i has exceptional starting behavior and provides optimum engine power right from startup. The 80 cc 2-Mix engine does not need a carburetor, since the fuel metering is done using a sensor, and automatically adapts to the different operating conditions, no matter what the altitude and ambient temperature. The MS 500i is available with a choice of 20” or 25” ES light bar, keeping the overall weight of the saw to a minimum and optimising its balance. The details at a glance: First chainsaw with STIHL Injection Huge advancement in engine development. The MS 500i is the first ever series-manufactured chainsaw with an electronically controlled fuel injection system. The high-torque machine provides optimum engine power right from startup. It provides powerful performance and the saw chain accelerates extremely rapidly - from 0 to 100 km/h in just 0.25 seconds. Best power-to-weight ratio of all classes The STIHL MS 500i is a lightweight within the ranks of professional saws. Thanks to intelligent lightweight design, as well as an extremely high engine power, it excels with an exemplarily low power-to-weight ratio at 1.24 kg/kW. This value is unique within all displacement categories. Easy starting and sensor-controlled fuel mixing The MS 500i is very easy to start (no start button) in all operating conditions, and automatically adapts to different locations of use. The sensor-controlled fuel mixing ensures that the mixture is adjusted optimally for the oxygen content in the air right from the first ignition. Improved ergonomics and practical details make work easier The innovative flywheel with a low centre of gravity and lower weight reduces the gyroscopic forces that arise during operation. With the low overall weight, this is a particular advantage for limbing, making guiding the MS 500i along the trunk while snedding easy. This is also supported by the new bumper spike geometry. The raised plunge bar on the fan housing - parallel to the axis of symmetry of the guide bar - makes directional control and tool guidance easier when plunge cutting. Captive nuts on the chain sprocket cover make changing the chain straightforward. Professional big timber harvesting - from felling through cutting to length to limbing - is a simple task with the new professional saw. System weight at STIHL For professional users, every gram of weight in the hand counts. For this reason, STIHL applies lots of engineering know-how to reducing the system weight (i.e. the weight of the dry chain saw including the cutting attachment.) In pursuit of this goal, redesigned cylinders, slimmer chain sprocket covers and consistent changes of material for other components, in the engine units in particular, as well as the development of lightweight guide bars have enabled substantial weight savings – naturally without compromising on ruggedness or service life. The result is lower system weight and easier handling.
  12. Thought i'd create a thread for people to post interesting trees they see on their travels. Don't have to be massive trees, just something of note. I will kick off the thread with this little gem of an Oak tree which i'm sure anyone from the local area will recognize immediately. I've been driving past this tree for years but today had a bit of time so pulled over and took a few shots. Its a very picturesque looking tree as you approach it, but as you get closer you realize just how impressive it is to still be standing. Enjoy, and look forward to seeing your finds.
  13. Steve Bullman

    Saw milling directory

    Directories themselves are easy enough to set up. Populating them with listings, and getting people to actually use them are the hard part. By all means start a thread in the milling section though. I'm happy to make it a sticky
  14. Steve Bullman

    Sun rise photos

  15. Steve Bullman

    Tyres ford ranger. More town than country

    Grabber AT2's here. I usually get 50,000 miles out of a set. Maybe too grippy for you though
  16. Steve Bullman

    Petzl zigzag 19

    Nope, all the issues have been elsewhere with the device. Never heard of anything bad about the swivel
  17. Steve Bullman

    Picus Testing Service - Nationwide

    yeah pretty close to there
  18. Steve Bullman

    Picus Testing Service - Nationwide

    As of a few months ago I am undertaking picus testing as a sideline to compliment my usual business activities. Although based in Suffolk I am happy to travel pretty much anywhere. although I would need to have multiple tests to do to make it worthwhile, either in one location or along my route somewhere. I will update this thread as the weeks go by with any tests I do. If you are in need of this service please don't hesitate to get in touch!
  19. Steve Bullman

    Picus Testing Service - Nationwide

    hate that age question! I'd have to guess between 130-150 though. I don't get into life expectancy when I write up the report, unless its completely bolloxed. In this case I would highlight the hazard it poses and suggest possible works to mitigate the hazard. It could stand up like that for the rest of its life, or fail tomorrow.
  20. Steve Bullman

    Picus Testing Service - Nationwide

    Read the post again nugget 😁
  21. Steve Bullman

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    @_celia_ keep investigating
  22. Steve Bullman

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    good job battery powered machines run on motors instead of engines then!
  23. Steve Bullman

    Petzl zigzag 19

    Haven't used one. Looks massive though in comparison to the mk3. I'd be stocking up on 3's personally
  24. Steve Bullman

    Picus Testing Service - Nationwide

    Picus test results
  25. Steve Bullman

    Picus Testing Service - Nationwide

    Picus test in Straford St Mary for a Dedham Vale Tree Surgeon this week. Lovely Copper Beech tree in a very prominent position. Tree was deadwooded, very lightly pruned and then inspected. 2 pretty large cavities were of particular concern and I was able to poke a probe in one and out the other, so a picus test was carried out to assess the extent of the decay. Turns out it was a lot better than expected but still in a pretty compromising position.


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