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  3. Forest2Furniture

    Saw milling directory

    Be daft not to be in. Forest 2 Furniture - On-site Milling Services Based mid-north Nottinghamshire Areas covered: Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire Mobile bandsaw mill takes logs up to 30" diameter x 10' long, maximum board width produced 22" (ish) m/ 07976 672 886 e/ info@forest2furniture.co.uk w/ www.forest2furniture.co.uk
  4. Dan Maynard

    Why Did I bother!!!

    Sounds a bit rum, on the other hand it was 6pm and he still had half a load to chip and a long way home - clearly not having a good day so maybe difficult to be cheery.
  5. eggsarascal

    Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V Twin

    Do you mean, were the gaps the same?
  6. eggsarascal

    Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V Twin

    Different trade, Pete. It's on my Drain jetting machine.
  7. spudulike

    Stihl ms 211/ c throttle linkage removal

    Just post some photos. Pitting on the combustion chamber tends to mean metal fragments have been smashed repeatedly between the piston and squish band but the piston would also have damage in this instance. It is most likely your description may be a bit off and a few photos will clarify. The clutch oil leak - may be fuel oil residue from a badly leaking seal (if black) unless the oil is clean chain oil from other sources.
  8. difflock

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    Yes, obviously the force will be identical, assuming the line is either tied off at the crotch or passes over the crotch, at the same height. But I understood from some of the previous posts it was the potential for crotch failure due to the imposed compressive/splitting loading from the line that was the possible weakness, if tied off at the base as opposed to the crotch..
  9. PeteB

    Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V Twin

    Just a thought. What is it on? Some grinders always work with the engine tipped frontwards. While within the capabilities of the oil pump, it may have an effect?
  10. Today
  11. Ty Korrigan

    FUEL gauge Greenmech 150p

    Mine is pretty sticky when filling up but fine going down. Stuart
  12. jamez654

    Aspen delivery

    My local dealer has stopped stocking Aspen and started stocking Husqvarna XP Power instead. Can I still order 3 cans of Aspen and get it delivered direct to me? Or should I just use the Husqvarna stuff instead? I use it in an MS261, KM131R 4-mix and BG85 blower if that makes any difference. Thanks James
  13. Yorkshire Compact Loaders

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Good choice I ve done the same including the light pods. They do look good.
  14. Gimlet

    Splitting kindling

    Probably alright for pallet wood. The hazel sticks can be quite tough though, especially the knotty ones.
  15. The only thing that may cause problems is sitkas ability to remain resolutely stuck to their surrounding trees, and not fall over. Luckily, we don't need it to fall. Severed from stump is fine as the winch will pull it out to the processor, dropping it as it goes.
  16. Stephen Blair

    Why Did I bother!!!

    most of my business contacts / friends have all been made through an initial good gesture, don’t let that 1 bad egg turn you into that guy!
  17. Younglad1

    D.I.Y cat tree help required

    Had my heart set on those wee gems as well 😂 am I best to leave it outside to dry or keep it in a dry warm room? I live in a pretty cold and typically wet although it’s nice out just now. Cheers
  18. slack ma girdle

    Low impact forestry services in Devon and the South West

    The only thing that may cause problems is sitkas ability to remain resolutely stuck to their surrounding trees, and not fall over.
  19. Al Cormack

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Got this attachment from Hywel Evans the other day. Fantastic bit of kit.
  20. kav

    Saw milling directory

    Great stuff Kav- Buryhook Countryside Management Oxfordshire based but happy to travel. Lucas Mill 10/30 and slabber. 10"x10" cut on swing mill and 1500mm slabber plus chainsaw mill. Interested in oak/chestnut and durable softwood logs and can arrange machinery etc to move timber info@buryhook.co.uk 07703192775
  21. billpierce

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    Link no worky Edit: I'm sorry, yes it does
  22. Stubby

    D.I.Y cat tree help required

    Is it for you or for the cat ? If its for you then sequins and glitter , if its for the cat leave it . He will only sharpen his claws on it .
  23. Younglad1

    D.I.Y cat tree help required

    What can I expect in regards to it being aesthetically pleasing without treating it in any way?
  24. gobbypunk

    Saw milling directory

    Hi I am in Mark Evans -Twisted Oak Timber Creations covering Dorset bits of Wiltshire and Somerset Chainsaw Milling up to 4ft kiln and Air drying also available 01258 863705 landline 07449 736569 mobile twistedoaktts@hotmail.com
  25. Stubby

    D.I.Y cat tree help required

    Nothing that is toxic to cats . Just leave it .
  26. Younglad1

    D.I.Y cat tree help required

    Was thinking I’ll use wee plastic gems instead of glitter cheers for the suggestion anyway 😂 how long is the recommended drying period? And once dry what should I treat it with? Shellac or wood varnish or some kind of oil? Cheers
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