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  2. Great project for some one..good job for a Stihl shredder blade on a brush cutter maybe. Post some photos of the progress.
  3. It would be very useful to see some photos if at all possible
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  5. We have just purchased a tiny cottage with 6 acres of woodland in Cornwall. The main woodland of around 5 acres is made up of tall larch trees ... all unmaintained, most covered in creeper (clematis like vines with massive ropes hanging from them) and ivy. It is virtually impossible to walk around the woods without being tripped by brambles and dense undergrowth. Where should we start with clearing the undergrowth to create paths and clearings and how should we manage the trees? Also nearer the cottage there is about half an acre of totally overgrown garden which has become brambles and dense undergrowth - we would like to clear this completely to make a manageable garden and vegetable area. Can you advise who can help with this and how we can start our clearing programme please!
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  7. I'd try looking at it if ur were the companies wot would u want to hire in??? To be fair if u were going down the railway route and the big company did hire in men and chippers u might be ok. But railway work can be very boom and quite literally bust. A company I worked for went tits up and had 40 plus men. Also both the main contractors on railways from 20 odd year ago have had financial hardships. Also can be seasonal with bird nesting time and sometimes it just stops for yearrs Mibbe different if u want to be working for big companies. But I'd imagine if ur subbing to smaller companies the types offjobs they hired u in for would be big or multiple dismantles or Conny hedge bashing, which would still be a 1 chipper job but an extra tipper and tipper trailer would be massively handy. If I've been in and about the industry in ur area u LL know the craic.
  8. Wise words. So often repeated too. Enjoying your break? Get back to doing nowt to do with work!
  9. Beaver are very experienced too, and used to supply pretty well all the dealers but ditched that policy when Jensen decided to be with Whites. Redwood built up their own knowledge and suppliers as they experienced a knowledge and helpfulness gap from Germany.
  10. They drink xxxx down there, cant be worse than that!
  11. Yes I know, I was meaning in reply to dumper's post Here's the link: http://www.hse.gov.uk/safetybulletins/brush-cutters.htm IIRC the guy who died wasn't even using the strimmer that the piece flew off, he was a "bystander" on another machine. I will read any literature but I don't really care if something is classed as legal by the HSE or not - they pretty much say only to fit blades that are OEM. To me the blade in the first post doesn't look safe, after some hard use, how much will be left of the rivet heads
  12. Funky munkey


    im dismantling a massive pear next week the stem seems in good condition and is a fat old stick is it worth milling?
  13. I do know that people do pay a lot of money to sit on a shelf with a hard-on.... But will have to look into the details, it may be under "specialist interest" possibly YouTube may be helpful šŸ˜³ K
  14. Just remember Australia n NZ published report on how much chainsaw oil you inhale on hot days....... Fr pro forester it's abt a pint a year, think abt that... K
  15. Mitch, why not call into your local dealer and get them to check it ? It's only a quick job to test the pressures.. Jase.
  16. 10/10 for logistical planning there Ian.
  17. I could have it completely wrong but I was going on some vids I've watched of James Kilpatric's setup. It seems as though in some situations he is using DRT from a floating anchor on a line which itself is base anchored and the floating anchor is an ascender. So once he's back at the ascender he can continue up. I'm with you though on the SRT! Got a rope wrench at the beginning of the year to try it and loved it ever since! I do like my spiderjack and ropeguide for tigher crowns and those sorts of trees where your up,down,in,out,over under etc. If you know what I mean?!
  18. Worth a read: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/823972/ON046a_Managing_individual_ash_affected_by_dieback_v1.0.pdf
  19. Hi folks Has anyone raptor painted there chipper any photos ? cheers
  20. Picture 5 looks like a watering can.
  21. I spoke to local fc bloke and he said the same. These are the ones I'd take down as hardly any growth on them
  22. Chatting to a guy in the know. He Reckons that the new version of the 201t with the updated Mtronic will out perform the 200 and the 020 after having them all side by side
  23. Yeah i keep going towards ultra as to better engine life better spending a wee bit on oil than new machines
  24. They start well and cut well, no problems with stale fuel or any of that rubbish. I haven't done a comparison test really. I was recommended Super or Ultra for my Kombi engine as the valves less likely to foul up. Stihl have a little chart showing it should mean more power and engine life which is sort of what I'm trusting in, on the basis oil is cheaper than replacing saws.
  25. Donā€™t spoil my fun you old git!
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