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  2. The neon transformer you need is one that supports an open circuit I made the mistake of buying one which is "too" safe and will not put out the voltage in the desired manner. I ended up importing one of these Conestoga Works - Lichtenberg Figure Wood Burners 2017 CONESTOGAWORKS.COM Conestoga Works Purveyor of Vacuum Systems for the Wood Worker. Vacuum Chambers, Vacuum Kilns, Vacuum Pumps... about as safe as 12,000 volts can be
  3. We had the house insulated on the green deal about 4 years ago now, just before the grant scheme ended. Seeing we live in a 450 year old farmhouse it was the exterior foam and render cladding. Its made a massive difference to the old farmhouse inside temperature. In the winter we would get through a m3 bag of wood in 4 days running pretty much 24hr a day. Probably burn through around 30m3 a year. Now, a bag even in peak winter lasts a month. It's a pity that scheme ended as it provided 80% funding from memory and its probably saving us £2k a year in fuel bills. The equipment is located in south Shropshire about 10 miles South of Shrewsbury. I do have a telehandler so things can get loaded onto trailers if needed. The tractor is a start any weather go anywhere kind of beast. Its 40 years old so the interior isn't like new any longer with torn plastic seat cover and the fuel gauge doesn't work but I have a dipstick instead. Its just had a new premium battery so that'll be good for 10 years, which is good as they are very expensive. Also, seeing the processing was all done indoors there is a 25 foot exhaust (marine) snorkel that I use to direct the exhaust outside of the barn when its running. The processor has run faultless since new and only had one belt, the conveyor drive belt, replaced. Its been greased every year, or every 20 - 30T processed. Including the one difficult to get to grease point (JAPA owners will know which that is). The hydraulic oil has also been changed twice during my ownership, including new filter. I think I still have a spare filter somewhere. Ideally, anyone ending their wood days would love for their equipment to go to someone starting out and to help a newbie out I'd doubtless throw in some other goodies to get them on their way. It's a no VAT sale as the wood was for private use though I did supply a couple of associates from the local pub over the years, but that was on the beer barter system. It's a great mobile setup as the tractor is number plate registered so can be insured for local area road use.
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  5. When you see some lads on site they shouldn't be trusted with anything more than a Yankee screwdriver.
  6. Caught a glimpse of this whilst working up on a garage roof. Land Rover special vehicles badge is just visible.
  7. The obvious conclusion is that the yanks are either considered much more expendable by their Government than we are by ours, or that they are much more skilful in the use of dangerous cutting implements than we, as a nation, are The US always seems a lot less restrictive in their governance and much more reasonable in allowing their people to harm themselves (and others).
  8. Wow, a tree owner prepared to spend money in an attempt to retain a tree! Normally the process is to try to remove self-girdling roots because eventually they'll restrict the growth of whatever they are wrapped around and so reduce or prevent the growth of new vessels to allow water uptake. Sometimes you can see the part of the canopy that the restriction is affecting. I would think that this tree was pot bound when it was planted, with roots that had grown to the edge of the pots before diverting to continue round and around the circumference. Because these were not severed or eased out and spread into the planting pit they have continued to grow until the tree stem has reached a diameter that they begin to 'strangle' it. In an attempt to retain the tree a lot of those roots look like they would need to go. You would have to decide which by considering how much anchorage function they are providing as well their water uptake role. Be too ambitious and the crown dies back or the tree falls over, don't do enough and the stem constrictions affect the crown anyway. How much time and money are you prepared to spend? On what may eventually prove to be a doomed venture? A cost/benefit analysis would probably come down on the side of remove and replace. I'd suggest looking at getting something planted and established as a replacement now if possible. You could try some careful root pruning yourself while waiting for the new tree to grow and you 'may' actually eventually be successful (but I doubt it) and end up with two healthy trees. BTW, I wouldn't trust or be giving cold hard cash to anyone who says that they can definitely save that tree. There are no guarantees with trees.
  9. There is a book you may find useful - Woodlands a practical handbook, by Elizabeth Agate
  10. Probably if you are new to milling go with .404 chain Milling is great when done right - and you have loads more margin of error with .404 chain IMO
  11. Almost certainly a cockspur thorn (Crataegus crus-galli). There are popular thornless versions of it which nevertheless occasionally produce vicious thorns almost 2 inches long on suckering shoots.
  12. Yeah, using the tct blade is effective and easy to control, as it's at the end of the strimmer it doesn't get too close to you so as long as your not in close company....fairly safe and great for thick scrub, don't know about health and safety though. Here's a guy testing a few things... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYOlZb2bmmU
  13. I always thought of you in one of those flint knapped cottages rather than a modern place. I had our brick chimney lined with a cast high temperature concrete one 35 years ago. Its about 9 inches, sound but I don't think it was particularly well executed. I keep it that way rather than have a flexible liner as it means the chimney breast downstairs and upstairs acts as a heat store. I am aware this means the flue gas velocity slows from the stove outlet to the chimney.
  14. Is the tree showing signs of die back in the upper crown ? It’s all well and good posting pictures of roots but if the crown is healthy I would leave it alone ! Any extreme girdling I’ve seen has usually resulted in die back in a part of the crown ,that can be removed and balanced out according..Personally if it was mine I would plant another and wait and see if this actually dies back significantly and needs replacing ... Norway’s grow fast and in the grand scheme of trees imo are a relatively short lived species anyway but cutting through any of those roots you are opening up a whole new can of worms !
  15. Bad past experience of a previous model or not, I think it would be daft to rule out the current Navara (ime the best current pickup on the market) - particularly if giving real consideration to a ssangyong!!! That would be cutting your nose off to spite your face!
  16. Don't cut ash or seasoned hardwoods. (I run 404 and I won't cut ash) If Rob D says it's fine for milling, I'd not worry. [emoji106]
  17. Ditto - where? And is it being sold with a vat invoice?
  18. gobbypunk


    Hi I think we should get in touch with the minister for trade and say hey we want the same tools available hear ,I remember it was the same with crash helmets, the Simpson Starwars was tested to drag racing standards in the US and at the time were stricter than the road safety standards hear but they were banned now they are everywhere even that bloody guy the Stig has one .
  19. That’s the standard black above heres a dash done in a landrover paint code
  20. The standard black is fairly dull, the tintable stuff goes like the colour you add to it so can get quite shiny. it’s a textured but not splattered finish when done right. problem is it goes off really quick so if you don’t hurry up when spraying it can start thickening in the pot of the gun and the spray nozzle. It starts going off it looks splattery and crap
  21. It might pay you to cut a few racks to ease accesses ( if its planted in a matrix ) ...say every 7 rows if its flat .
  22. Hi Roy’s yep I used a microwave transformer,but I am on the lookout for a transformer from oil burning central heating as I have been told they are safer the neon transformers there are 2 types and only the one type is any good but can’t remember what one sorry. Cheers Mark
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