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  2. 97 thousand planted one one estate alone last season 15 thou on another. Planting November to March = lots of plastic. Morals or mortgage?
  3. Indeed. No wolves = too many deer No hunting = more hares etc( God those saplings taste nice) Cardboard is the way, just got to last a decade ....
  4. Yep. Its all about having a good accountant, and one who knows limited companies
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  6. not just profit, you can pay family members dividends ( cheaper than inc tax), you can borrow money from the company and not pay tax on it for a while, you can bump the company to clear off a debt and resurect it debt free and go again, lots of little fiddles/advantages.
  7. yes get a bean counter on it, no way its more than £1500.
  8. Yes sorry, taxable profit of 18000, then the tax free allowance of 11850, with a bill of 20% of that figure. But its saying £5700, bill of 3800 for 2018/19 and payment on account for next year of 1900. I will try to find an accountant. Thanks
  9. And then there are gimps like me paying thousands for tree guards hmmmmmmmm
  10. Thanks for the reply. When I did my research it seem that there was no real saving once accountancy bills have been taking into consideration.
  11. ***Free Tip for Clean Wood Chippings*** Wood chipping required for gateways/pathways on horse yard MUST contact prior to turning up Weekend tips preferred but alternative arrangements can be arranged with prior notice Limited access - preferably nothing larger than a van / flatbed truck size due to having to manouver Driver will need to be good at reversing due to tip site If you call and get no answer, please text
  12. You can sharpen them several times on the machine before you need to replace the blades, I use a 4" cordless angle grinder.
  13. Hi all, A friend of mine on the isle of wight has a beech log just over 7' long, 30" diameter, that he wants milling into a few slabs for table. Any one intersted in the job? Pm me a price please. The log is in Bonchurch, next to ventnor on the south coast. Cheers
  14. Mileage, vehicle costs & travel. You should keep a log of both personal and business mileage. When you first introduce a vehicle to the business, you may account for your vehicle expenses using HMRC’s mileage rates. The first 10,000 business miles can be claimed at a rate of 45p per mile; 25p per mile thereafter. The mileage rate covers the cost of fuel, servicing, insurance, tax, MOT, depreciation of the vehicle etc. However, you may claim for specific business journey costs such as tolls, congestion charges and parking fees and the finance element of a hire purchase or finance lease in addition to mileage. If you don't use the set mileage rate, you can claim a proportion of the actual vehicle running costs. The amount you can claim is in proportion to the vehicle’s business use, which can be established using the vehicle’s mileage log. Travel and accommodation on business trips and between different places of work can be claimed as well; but you cannot claim for “commuting” i.e. travel from home to work. Meals and subsistence are not generally allowable, unless they are in respect of a trip that qualified as business travel. The cost to purchase a vehicle cannot be claimed as an expense if you are using the mileage rates, as the rates are deemed to cover the depreciation of the vehicle. If you are accounting for vehicle expenses using the actual costs incurred, the cost of the vehicle, may qualify for relief via capital allowances.
  15. All three local shops near me are the same price. You have to pay for a service they say as they need to take the machine apart they say. The blades are about 150 plus fitting. Does seem extremely expensive
  16. Yes, which is why you buy kiln dried or air dry then bring it into the house to stabilise before use, I am not a carpenter or joiner, @Woodworks is.
  17. As a carpenter joiner i would need it as 10% for joinery use otherwise would have problems shrinking.
  18. I don't have PAYE staff, but would imagine a lot of quite big firms with a payroll over 10 say are still on petrol - and getting the PA1/PA6 tickets for their guys to lap up the glyphosate when the tank mix sloshes out the lid they forgot to do up properly and down their back. Hopefully the Ltd status will prevent these callous entrepeneurs from losing their homes in the event of successful litigation. Since the advent of horticultural petrol machines was a generation or two ago, these early workers must have been tumoured up to the eyeballs
  19. You can claim the van depreciation or go down the mileage route which might be easier You would need to put the depreciation as capital allowances
  20. Yes for that turnover an accountant will only cost around £400 (as long as all the income and outgoings are well collated first)and it's worth that just for the saving in aggravation let alone tax savings they might make.
  21. Depending on what you are cutting Westtech woodcracker - available in a few different versions, for an 8 tonner. https://youtu.be/NnU7dpfuZgA?t=74
  22. Pete is 6’2” but has size 10’s.
  23. Depends if you use a friction saver or not. If you do, go with a 11mm 24 strand if not get a 13mm 16 strand.
  24. I would say you should probably just try and find another accountant to help. Mistakes made through not knowing something as complex as the UK tax system inside out can be quite costly, and I've tended to find a decent accountant are worth their weight in abacuses.
  25. I'll wait to see what accountants like @Inoff the Red say but you are confusing your gross turnover with profit (aka income) and that £6k is right for a profit of £31k. Your profit was £18k and you have capital allowance on the truck to deduct from that, I'd say the real figure would be nearer £1400 tax Have you paid your National Insurance? Don't miss it.
  26. Running around with new'ish gear and claiming in work benefits, something somewhere is wrong.
  27. Hmm, You know that old expression, "Big feet = Big Lad", is there a corrolation, or does he take after his poor ould Da? mth
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