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  2. I’m no longer using tail tucked eyes and had to find another use for the whipping twine. The hitch below benefits from the stopper being in back, but it works tying it in the front for other hitches.
  3. Depends on many factors, Is it hollow/cardboard? Useful trunk only appears about 10'. Doesn't look 4' diameter either. I'd measure it. If it's clean rot free, I'd pay £200-£300 And that's top money. [emoji106]
  4. dumper


    And your extras go down , no tele radio hot water bedding etc until you behave these should be earned
  5. Mesterh


    Very easily, you get 18 years you do 18 years. If you cause problems your sentence goes up. I wouldn't mind my taxes going up if it went directly into punishing scum bags in jail.
  6. Field tree so 6lbs of staples and tacks, 3 meters of barbed wire, and five included stones. So I make that firewood less your time = beer money.
  7. About 150Hft then, 5.5m3, what's the firewood price by you?
  8. Hi again all. I have been asked to bid on a large oak stem and would like a idea of a fair amout to bid. It was wind blown a number of years ago, access to it is good. Can be milled where it is whit chainsaw. Its practically 4ft in diameter all the way up aprt from the burred area at brest height which is about 4ft 8 inchf It is 18ft long. Any advice greatfully received. John
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  10. There is enough guidance in the PPE regs and LOLER on equipment selection. and no offence to Jake who is a competent climber I would just like to climb with him and see how he can implement two rope working into everyday working scenarios and as to why two ropes is a safer method? what ever way you look at it we are to blame for what is to come so we just need to improve how we operate and show the HSE that we are professional and that our methods of working are safe and appropriate.
  11. But that IS the problem @Marc we aint getting enuff guidance! HSE will literally tie us in knots or it will be 'climbers decision' on the paperwork then devil take the hindmost on the accident report = no pay out or proscecutions. Dunno where this is going mate 😕 k
  12. Can I ask what’s the point in confirming to WAH regs if straight away you are using equipment that is not fit for purpose? equipment compatibility and conformity is equally important in the WAH hierarchy and PPE in work equipment regs. i applaud your enthusiasm but we need to be opposing this as it is blatantly not workable to continue to enforce industrial regs upon our industry.
  13. Hmmm. Well, I made a kind of "threshold" for the firebox just inside the door, just a bit of flat iron, and it still smoked. Tomorrow I will sweep the flue and see if that makes any difference. I guess if it does, I'll feel a bit silly... cheers for the reply.
  14. You must be joking. Surely you mean four or five or six big chainsaws?
  15. Stubby

    462 or 572xp

    Illustrated parts list ? If not its the Indian Premier League 🙂
  16. My favourite season
  17. I had the earlier version of that stove , it was then called a Reginald 100 which I bought in the late 70’s early 80’s.It transformed our old cold Welsh cottage that had a fireplace that filled the room with smoke when the wind was from the wrong direction. I had it for around 30 years , rebuilt it a couple of times and it never smoked.
  18. s o c

    462 or 572xp

    Thanks. sorry, what’s ipl? sorry everybody for de-rail
  19. Would you like to explain your take on this?, I'm not sure I follow you.
  20. Gimlet


    That's what it's going to take. It should happen.
  21. If you wear gloves then it's nearly impossible. Lol. It is a fiddle and should you wish to remove the pin up the tree then it's a risk, you may retain the pin but the "quickie" body frame can also be dropped as it is only looped through a ring, or in my case a Cali swivel ; ) . The carabiner version would have been much easier I believe.
  22. How do you dry/season the chips before you use them? I have a JB300 and a 25KW biomass boiler for my home setup but if I can use my woodchips in the boiler (and internal 5KW stove of high efficiency) before my wife uses them for top dressing the flower beds, I'm all ears!
  23. Vinegar works well at getting the rust off, although the semi-shiny finish on a battered vintage tool can look a bit nasty. Evaporust is the best product - it pulls the rust off beautifully. However, get the wire wheel on your grinder or drill and spend a bit of time abrading the rust off and you get an awesome finish - it retains the dark patina. Only good if it isn't too rusty. The best method is electrolysis - it's not as much of a ball ache as it looks. And it costs pretty much nothing to do.
  24. My bad I missed that on the overlay yeh he got 18 which I far better, not that he'll actually serve that. Agreed, he isn't going to serve the full term unless he kicks up in prison. He'll serve 2/3rds, how else do we try to keep the peace in prisons if we don't let people out for good behaviour?, remember prisoners don't just attack each other they attack prison officers as well. All of that said, there are sentencing guidelines that the court have to work from.
  25. I was more referring to the "doing more harm letting them tick over" part to be honest. I mean it won't do any harm to warm them up at slow speed, and you should let them idle for a bit before turning them off as well. Actually, I wonder how many Stihl owners actually read the manual that come with it, and if they do read it, actually take any notice of what it says.
  26. Yeah, I'm starting to get really fussy about what I mill. [emoji106]
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