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  2. Run it on narrow tyres the put wide duals on when needed
  3. Alright Just wondering wot everyone's opinions are on wether wide tyres are better than narrower tyres? Althou I do imagine a lot might depend on the ground conditions u normally work in. The wee skidder is only about 1 1/2 to 2T ( basically compact tractor size) and running on 20"X 6 inch wide tyres, it seems to grip the ground really well. Esp when turf/ground not ripped up, it did struggle in places where forwarder had exposed greasy clay soil But I know I'm at a job next week and think it might struggle to get throu some of the wet sphagnum mossy bits. And it might of been handy. But worried if I go for the wider wheels it might just sit and spin and lose traction a bit as not enough wieght to really grip? Have any of u had similar issues after putting wider tyres on compact tractors? Ideally I would set it up with twins but so far struggling to find suitable rims, But I old easily adapt 6T dumper wheels and I think some telehandler wheels too. But they'd be too wide for twins Bear in mind I'm in s wet Scotland and also do odd bits of peat work jobs so extra footprint is always good.
  4. I was going to say wot busy daddy said many valmet's the seat turns round some even have a pedal and steering wheel to drive it in reverse. Have a good look if anything expensive hanging down or in a place that could be speared by a branch easily. Some tractors don't put a lot of thought into it
  5. Tricky customers almost always give away ‘warning signs’ during the quoting stages, if you know what to look for. (Sadly this kind of wisdom usually comes through having learned hard lessons) Thankfully , it’s always your prerogative to charge accordingly..
  6. revving from cold, that's risking cold seize. Get the piston out and check it for scoring
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  8. Sorry might have misunderstood the airbag kit was £800 +vat fitted.
  9. I think 99 was direct drive. they seem to depreciate to about £7000 then stick there. The avant will outclass the dingo every which way. The dingo or kanga loaders are toys in comparison. I think the metal bodied avants are the most usable,smaller and more nimble than the newer plastic with very much the same performance if you could get it for a bit less you should have a good machine you can get a new one made in Latvia for £12000 ish on eBay
  10. Not at all ,we’ve had the hilux for 18 months now it was a demonstration unit built for Toyota and is the wide body chassis version.It had 400 miles on the clock. we had the sides extended and a part folding roof fitted as we deliver logs and mulch . it was £22500 +vat . i think the hilux is a great truck to drive ,very comfortable.
  11. Funnily, you drove past my house in Norwich on Friday towing the Bandit and then the MEWP truck followed. I did admire the Hilux. What was the cost if you don’t mind me asking?
  12. Collar and stub is fine. Picked up a new bearing and oil seals today, so got to press the shaft and bearing out, and then back in again.
  13. We got an airbag suspension upgrade fitted by air ride near Reepham. works well and can adjust the airbags from an airline . This will allow us to uprate the GVW of the truck if we want to. The hilux looks happy loaded ! The truck rides much better loaded with the addition of the airbags . towing wise we are more than happy with the hilux as it will push / pull our Bandit 915 most places we wouldn’t put it with our 7-5 tonner.
  14. Choose your battles. I couldn't be arsed with batlling, which coupled with injury, got me where I am today, I've found that old people are either the nicest or most cantankerous bastards out there, irrespective of creed or colour. Generally though, people are alright.
  15. Many thanks again dumper for your reply, it was a 1999. The possible problems you stated and the fact that the machine needs work, will let me steer away from it I think. It's only 7k excl. vat, but something tells me that one means trouble. So maybe better to add a bit and wait for the later model or something completely different like a Dingo. Always too many choices.
  16. Hello, Looking to buy a sub 750Kg wood chipper , which one is the best? i know there is the Forst ST6P, Timberwolf TW 160PH CHIPPER or TW 230PAHB CHIPPER or a jensen A530L What do people recommend?
  17. If the council are making cuts at least try and get some redundancy pay and or all the training you can. The council will have to find you suitable work. Compared to most of us self employed types at least you still have a job that will pay you a wage.. My hands started giving me issues 6 or 7 years ago and it was pretty scary as when you are self employed tree surgeon your transferable skills are limited.. I had an exit plan to move over to consultancy and running the business and it has all worked to plan really. I haven't picked up a saw in 4 or 5 years and climbing kit well out of loler.. My new role is boring and frustrating with very little job satisfaction. I am busier then ever, but my fingers only go numb on long bike rides..
  18. Looking for a climber with relevant tickets for work in the Stirling area and over the central belt. Dave 07956414490
  19. Might be way off the mark, but I had a job once climbing communications towers - and from the top of them you can see loads of stuff that needs to be climbed to maintain them. Comms twers, electricity pylons and so on, depends how much you like climbing
  20. Anyone got a pair ? any good ? lacing system looks vulnerable to damage in tree work but would assume Pfanner have tested this ....
  21. I shan’t be even bothering to quote for them anymore, I went out last week to one that was begging me to come and look at his trees, and against my better judgment thought I’ll give it a go, and it ended like a Karachi street market, at the finish I just walked away and continued on my way to quote to my other potential customers. I’m getting too old for all that malarkey.
  22. Thanks for the replies - it's as I thought 👍
  23. Instead of paying vat? Doesn’t sound the worst deal in the world depending on the vat amount
  24. Valtra- check main circuit board first. If repaired or burnt. They expensive! K
  25. Agree with above, and a 10 second google search
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